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Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by bannedwit, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    I am writing because I would like some input on how to get my solo stuff recorded at the confides of my own house.
    I am going to be moving so portable is the key.

    Here is what I got so far and have done some cheap quick recordings of bass and drum tracks...

    This is what I have been doing just to test things out.
    I have the following programs for the computer:
    Reason 3.0, Adobe Audition and ProTools LE
    They are on my laptop and I plugged my Line6 Bass Podxt Live into the microphone jack (cheap I know) and plugged my bass into that.

    I create a drum beat with Reason 3.0 and I import it over to Adobe Audition. I then lay down the drum track and record my bass over the beat. The bass comes out real loud and maxes out my mix. I turn down the pod and compress the recording to get it to where I want it but i want it to sound good off the bat.

    My question is: What do I need to boost my sound quality up?
    First off I know I should get my stuff imported over to my Desktop PC with a better sound card and better hardware in general. So I need an external sound card maybe for starters. Next, what mixer should i get and what will it do for me? Is there anything else I may need like a DI box or something to plug my bass into?

    I want to get everything so I can start recording so whatever help you can give me would be much appreciated such as good companies and types of stuff like that.
    I will defnately have electronic drums and i will record guitar bass and maybe some vocals and keys.
  2. I'd say a recording (NOT soundblaster/turtle beach) soundcard on a stable, relatively high powered, and smooth running computer is the key to being ABLE to capture sound of high(er) quality. Once you get the platform built, its up to the signal you feed to it to sound good. A good bass with good electronics/pups and a nice DI is all you need to run into a recording soundcard to get started. Add more gear from there to sound better/different.

    I like M-Audio soundcards. They have firewire and usb ones if you want something portable.