SOLD Sonic Farm 2DI4 Tube Preamp Di

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    This one hurts. The 2DI4 is simply one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear — period. I am very much on the fence about this but I have to much in gear right now.

    The Sonic Farm team really knows how to push the envelope and forge a new path. There is nothing like this on the market. Using an EF86 that can switch the use of the tube triode and pentode is crazy cool and brings on two distinct personalities. One of the most "3D" sounding tube preamps ever.

    I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with the 2DI4. Snag it before I change my mind. So cool. So many unique features not found on anything else on the market.

    From silky smooth to huge, punchy, hot sock-you-in-the-gut.

    Pretty small and light weight for a lunch box style preamp/DI. Ferrari red paint job is pretty sweet too.

    In like new condition. $650 shipped CONUS. No trades.

    These threads are good reading.

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    Dec 23, 2003
    I should also add that this one is stocked with an early 60’s GEC EF86. Many consider this to be the absolute holy grail of the EF86 variety. Very hard to come by. I paid $100 for it but you get it in the selling price.
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    These are Killer! I use mine as a pre with a fender PJ with flats. Sits perfectly in the mix I’ve never been happier with my tone. 829A7E4D-E465-46F8-ABE3-025211C5DEE1.jpeg
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