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SOLD Spector Euro 4 Blueburst 2003 Solid Flame Maple Body w/Spector Hardshell Case

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassbooty, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. bassbooty

    bassbooty -Rey Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2006
    For sale ONLY is a made in Czech Republic 2003 Spector Euro 4 bass with a blueburst finish. Although it is a chameleon and kind of changes colors from blue-ish to purple-ish depending on the light hitting it. The first two pics taken in natural sunlight are a good representation of it's actual color. This bass was made one year prior to the release of the "Euro LX" version, which means it has a Solid Flame Maple body (as opposed to the alder/maple sandwich body on the Euro LX). The solid maple body provides a sound closer to a US made Spector NS-2 bass. This bass has active EMG PJ pickups and the Spector Tonepump preamp. It does have some minor dings and general play wear (see photos) and the bass is priced accordingly, as it is currently the lowest priced Euro 4 on TB. Although, with the dark finish it’s hard to notice any cosmetic issues unless you’re examining the bass up really close. But this bass plays and sounds fantastic! The neck is straight, action is low, frets have next to no wear and the hardware is in great shape. The bass will ship safely in a recently purchased Spector hardshell case in very good condition. Euro 4 basses do not come with a case when purchased new so this a $150 extra value. I'm asking $1199 including shipping to the lower 48 states with payment via PayPal. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking!

    845428B2-DA9B-40CD-8CFD-2950F3872B16. 20850701-E4F6-4307-B406-FD7C7E8FC222. 2AEA2366-2DD4-49DF-8198-A6C2164B757C. A5E3041D-BC2D-45A1-B893-BC8B7A8CAB47. 143AE0C0-4E08-443F-8BC4-922B9CF25253. 4D823BF3-ABBD-4A76-833B-DADC31A9E350. 9464ADDA-026B-458F-B42A-2E2E9706C711. 4E3C1E7D-6532-470D-9A19-CC8A38D6E223. 3BAA970C-49D3-4B4A-9C52-01010736E8B6. 970F09BB-5A0A-4543-80A4-C239FD794474. FB6B6C49-9F8F-47B7-8404-D7A7A5DBEB96. D33C91C5-5159-42F8-AAA2-7B805DFD6196. 22DE3A05-30F6-45EC-B18A-C6814E8010B1. 1C922722-DDC0-4D65-ACAB-1A52D84AEA89. E4C5B99A-3E29-4D85-ACE9-DD2DB1932BD7. 4C9DA184-0B34-46D8-ACDC-D35D415AF6AD.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  2. Stewart13

    Stewart13 Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2016
    Bend, Oregon
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  3. bassbooty

    bassbooty -Rey Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2006
    SOLD! Thanks Tom!
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