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    Spector Forte 4 #001R. This is a special bass. Here’s the story. Three years ago at exactly this time of year, I found Todd’s old Forte 4 #001 for sale online and bought it right away. I have a thing for special/unique instruments and couldn’t resist a piece of Spector history like that, so I spent the $2,200 they were asking on it. After a few days the FedEx tracking stopped tracking and the bass never arrived. I called and nobody knew what was going on. After some weird conversations, I got suspicious and googled “FedEx Crash” and, sadly, I found a video of a FedEx truck in a tragic accident with loss of lives and the Forte #001 up in flames. It was awful on so many levels.

    However, as is often the case in the Spector community, there were friends who stepped up and helped. Sam and Todd worked with Stuart and PJ and they built me a new #001. #001R for replacement. Or like I’ve been saying, #001R Resurrected.

    They matched the flames very well, and I had it built with a Kramer (thin) neck profile. I believe it’s also the first Forte to have a Darkglass Tone Capsule installed, as well.

    Many of you know me and know my basses are clean as the come, well set-up, with accurate descriptions. I have 70+ feedback on TalkBass. 33 on Reverb. When I say this bass is like new, I mean it, and it is aside from slight glossing of the matte finish on the back of the neck. It’s lived in my climate controlled studio since I got it from Spector.

    Weight is 9.31 pounds. With the Tone Capsule preamp, you can dial in a Haz like tone and a whole lot more. Killer Bass!

    $2,300 shipped to CONUS. PayPal only.

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    cute pup!
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    Beautiful Forte 4!:woot: You can buy with confidence from seller! GLWTS!:thumbsup:
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    As the owner of a TC-equipped Forte, I can assure any interested folks that you absolutely cannot go wrong with this bass. And Tony is a stellar human (and OG Spector Club member). This is going to make someone’s holiday pretty damn special! :thumbsup:
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  5. Thanks, Eric! :)
  6. Thanks, Mike. Happy holidays!