SOLD Spector Rebop 5 - Fretless!

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  1. Nick Thorpe

    Nick Thorpe

    Jun 3, 2013
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    Selling my Spector Rebop Fretless to make room for a new fretless bass.

    This is an excellent example of Spector's Czech instrument quality. Very low action, great tone, light weight. Rebops are known to suffer from "neck dive" due to their light bodies, but I have replaced the tuners with hipshot USA ultralites and it has largely cured that issue. This also includes a Spector Euro hardshell case which fits it quite well, and a Spector-branded strap with schaller strap locks. The original tuners are also included in the case.

    The body and neck have some nice figuring not usually seen on these natural-finished Rebop models. The rosewood fretboard shows remarkably little play wear, but I tried my best to show it in the photos. It's hard to find any flaws on this bass. I believe I'm the third owner, but I received it in great condition and barely ever played it as I'm not much of a "fretless guy."

    Although all of the wooden components on this instrument are in wonderful working order, there is a little bit of weirdness in the electronics. The bass frequency control pot in the EQ is too high impedance, which basically just gives it a very fast taper. I typically "set and forget" my EQ, so once it's in place I leave it there and thus it doesn't bother me much. The treble control also just feels a little loose, but functions properly. The electronics overall have a bit of ground hum that could probably be fixed very easily, but in a live context it's not very noticeable. I currently have appointments set up to fix these issues, but I figured I would list it now anyway and disclose all of it in the listing.

    This is an extremely rare bass. Aside from this one, I've only ever seen one other Rebop that left the factory as a fretless. I purchased this bass in March of last year, and prior to that the most recent fretless Rebop to come up for sale was 3 years ago. Get it while ya can because you're not likely to see another one any time soon!

    Ships with full insurance and well-packed in the fitted hardshell case. Local pickup in the northeast USA preferred. I am located in Boston but often drive to Maine, NYC, or as far south as Virginia, so I can arrange a local pickup in any of those areas.

    Will consider trades for anything with a graphite neck: Status, Zon, Modulus, etc. Not interested in anything else.

    Message me with any questions or inquiries!

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  2. Direct Box Rox

    Direct Box Rox Silence = Deaf

    Feb 12, 2012
    Great bass. I used to have one (fretted). I take it you've owned/played a graphite necked instrument before & if not - you will be highly pleased. Joe Zon is probably the nicest, most accomodating guy I've spoken too. I had a Zon Sonus V, Sonus Special 4 & now a Modulus VJ. I could kick myself in the teeth for selling them but then again, I was in my 20's in Seattle and came to one of those decisions of "pay rent this month or sell my bass?". If I had the $, I'd get a Zon Sonus BG4. I wish I could even try one as this Billy Gould signature model has very different & unique features then the regular Sonus series.

    I hope you end up getting your new instrument. Cheers!
  3. Nick Thorpe

    Nick Thorpe

    Jun 3, 2013
    Boston, MA

    Thanks man! I actually just placed the order for a fretless Zon Sonus 5, so this one has to go. Trying to stick to the "one in, one out" rule.
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  4. Direct Box Rox

    Direct Box Rox Silence = Deaf

    Feb 12, 2012
    Well good for you, that's awesome! I hope you get it soon, it'd be terrific to see a pic. Cheers!
  5. Ethix4

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    Oct 26, 2022
    Is this still available