Spiro Mittel vs. Evah Weich Tension

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  1. I think I remember reading somewhere the spiro mittels and evah weichs are the same (or very comparable tension). Can any one confirm this. On my bass the evah weich E is fine for arco, but I'm looking for something more powerful/brighter for pizz.
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    Did you see this? http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f17/e-ep-set-939231/

    I've used both sets and although the tension is pretty close, the Evahs seem to give a bit more when I dig in. They are more pliable, if you will. The tone of the Evahs is darker but I really believe the spirocores have a more solid low end and a bit more on top. A few weeks ago I put new spiro E, A and D strings on and left them for a couple of weeks. The tone wasn't really all that different from the Evahs although the D had more character than I like. I went back to the Evahs because they have a shorter, simpler tone which I prefer for pizz and they are better under the bow. I like the spiro E with them. The one constant has been an Olive G which works well with most everything.
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    On paper, the Evah Weich have a tension rated between the Spiro Weich and Mittel. As for the feel of it, results may vary!
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    And +1 on the Oliv G comment!
  5. The tension of the Evah Weich G seems to be approximately the same as the tension of Spirocore Mittel 4/4 (S42 set) G.
    So it might be close to the tension of the Spiro Weich 3/4 G.
    I cannot say anything about the other Evah Weich strings, I only have this Evah Weich G.
  6. I was using Spiro Mittels and now Eva Weich. On my bass Eva feels softer and slightly looser than Spiro, which is a dream because Mittels after 3 years still feels stiff. Ah, sounds louder, all strings, E is floor-shaking.

    And Evas are thicker, which gives you more stability for fingering. Eva sounds darker, old-school, but has the perfect and enough bright, even in the lows and specially on the highs. And bows easy, has a shhhhh smoking sound...lovely.

    The only concern is when playing amplified, Eva has less mids so if you need to cut through in a loud situation, you will have to add mids in the EQ.
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    How do they vary volumewise?