ST 24/96 Sound Card Problems

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Big Benner, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. After 3 - 4 years with the same computer, operating system and software I've just redone my PC with a fresh install of Windows XP and Cubase SX3 along with some other programs. I haven't really used Cubase or my Steinberg ST 24/96 for more than a year and infact my whole computer hasn't seen much action for the last 8 - 10 months due to a change of apartments.

    So far so good,... Photoshop CS2 and Unreal Tournament seem to be running faster and glitch free. Onto Cubase and recording.

    After disabling the internal sound card on the mother board in the bios menu, I loaded the drivers and everything appears to be ok. I had a hard time trying to find the proper drivers for my card (ASIO Multimedia Driver) but I believe I have found them at RMEs website (still not 100% sure about this but everything seems to be ok in the Device Manager).

    I loaded up Cubase and after some tweaking I managed to playback a friends Cubase recording. After messing around with the mix I realized that there was some latency to the sound,... I would press stop and 1 - 2 seconds later it would stop. Plugged the bass through the BOSS ME-50B and into the sound card and the latency was confirmed - at least a second maybe more. The ST24/96 dialogue box seems to be set with the least amount of buffers (256) which should yeild 2.5 milliseconds of latency (from memory). I went into the "Device Setup" and played around with some settings there but either had an error or nothing changed. Currently it says - Input Latency @ "110.000ms and Output Latency @ 749.932ms.

    Any thoughts from anyone?

    I think there is a problem with my card (Windows welcome screen sounds horrible, iTunes sounds good, video game sound works but isn't correct - there's music and gun shots but not some of the other effects and when I reboot and enable the internal motherboard sound card everything is normal and good).

    Maybe it's just a problem with the drivers,... can you load the wrong drivers, have no error messages in the Device Manager and get play back and record with latency if you have the wrong drivers? ???

    Any thoughts welcome please.