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    beautiful sounding and playing rare white Steinberger headless bass I believe from 1987 pre gibson. I have added an extender that allows you to use regular strings (not currently shown). It is in good condition not mint perfect but plays notes clear as a bell, sounds great in the mix and relatively light at 8 lbs. I did switch in a new input jack 2 or 3 years ago. Frets are level with plenty of life and neck is straight and true, I have the action set pretty low rn although I do use lighter gauge strings. Comes with Steinberger gig bag which now has a rip, I took it to a boat liner shop years ago and had some of the stitching reinforced. I need to sell 4 basses and this is the first in that series. As you can see there's an off white spot where something has been applied to cover something (possibly a chip) by previous owner. It actually took me a while to notice it and for me at least it's not a big deal.




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    Very, very nice. So hard to find these in white. GLWTS!
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    As someone who owns the exact same bass, I will let you know that the slightly off-color spots are quite frequently from the factory process when the instrument was newly built. I had mine refurbished by Headless USA a while back, and they told me that, based on the experience of Jeff Babicz, who did that work (and previously worked in Steinberger's Newburgh factory,) imperfections were frequently patched up by the workers there with a material that was not the same as the rest of the instrument. Those white patches yellowed over time, while the rest of the instrument did not.

    Great bass - mine still kills 34 years after I bought it new. (It will be 34 years to the day on Monday!)
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    Unless you REALLY need money I wouldnt do it lol..My 83 L2(#880) is going to the grave with me..

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