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Stolen gear in Atlanta

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Dan55, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Dan55


    Apr 26, 2006
    I posted this in the Basses forum, but it was suggested I post it here as well. Theft happened on 8/23.

    Got home from work yesterday and found my back door kicked in and 5 of my basses gone along a couple of six strings.

    Roadworn P-bass with a Roadworn Jazz neck and tort guard
    Hwy 1 sunburst P bass with a CIJ maple neck and gold guard.
    Hwy 1 black P bass with a CIJ rosewood neck and tort guard.
    The 3 above all had vintage RI bridges and tuners.
    '71 natural P bass w/ a maple '76 neck and neck plate and gold guard. Had that one since '78.
    CIJ white '62 RI Jazz bass with a rosewood Allparts neck with block fingerboard inlays and Nordstrand p'ups
    Cherry '63 Gibson SG Junior with 1 bent tuning key. I inherited this one from my Dad whe he passed away, which makes it more painful.
    '83 Sigma-Martin acoustic flattop.

    All pix, etc were on my desktop computer and/or laptop, both of which were also taken. Also gone is an external hard drive I had everything backed up on.

    I expect some of this stuff will turn up on Craigslist and ebay, so if anyone out there sees anything suspicious on the Atlanta Craigslist or elsewhere, shoot me a PM. Right now my only computer access is from work.


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