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String Help?

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by nysbob, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    I popped the low B on my Clevinger last night...any suggestions as to what to put on there? Guages & makes s'il vous plait...
  2. What did you have on?
  3. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    Ummm...whatever came on it. I think Martin uses Thomastik Spirocores. That's probably what I'll go with.
  4. Do they have red silk at both ends? (true = medium Spirocores)
    If red at the tailpiece but purple at the pegs, they're Spirocore Weichs.
  5. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    Thanks for your help, Francois. I managed to "borrow" a b off an upright bass at a local shop to cover last night's gig. It's the red/purple combination. Since it's a bit spendy to change out upright strings, I'm wondering if there's something you would recommend as opposed to the Thomastiks...I play primarily rock, but occaisionally softer stuff & even a little arco from time to time...so I guess I need a good general purpose string. My bass has both a mag pickup & saddle sensors.
  6. The best quality/price ratio is IMO with Corelli strings, and the nickel ones. (380 series)
    They're available in medium and TX gauges. (380M, 380TX)
    They're about half the price of the Spiros, but are very nice.
    They're good for both pizz and arco playing, easy to play, particularly the medium gauge, which is very easy for the left hand.
    Recently, I wanted a clearer sounding string, easier to play, and settled on the 380M.

    The 370 series is tungsten wrapped, thinner and brighter sounding.
    Also more expensive.

    NOTE: a low C or low B is available, but only in tungsten. However it's available in three gauges, like all the tungsten series. (M, F and TX)
    They sell it individual.
  7. glivanos

    glivanos Supporting Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philadelphia Area
  8. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    Yeah - I emailed her immediately, but didn't hear back 'til today - we were just trading notes now. Apparently they ship them all with "Weich" sets.

    I haven't been at all feeling like this set is worn out, but I'm wondering if the B letting go is an indicator that it's time...

    Thanks very much gentleman. :cool: