String static/popping when playing through a mixer but not an amp - help?

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    Jul 10, 2019
    I have a fender rumble 40 and Mackie 402VLZ-4 mixer. When I plug my bass and headphones into the Rumble, I get no popping/static whatsoever. But when I do the same (bass and phones) on my mixer, I get popping/static if I touch the strings and fretting hand isn't touching the strings or bridge. It's really annoying and it gets much worse if I turn up the treble/bass knobs on my bass's preamp. Adjusting any mixer settings like phantom power doesn't change anything.

    Does anyone know why it's happening on the mixer and not the amp? Any suggestions for how to fix it? I intended to return the rumble and practice through the mixer since I'll be in college.

    Also, it seems that the G string sounds quite a bit louder through the mixer with EQs set flat just like the rumble. I looked up the popping and it's supposed to be a grounding/shielding issue or a house wall socket issue - but no mention of it happening on different devices. I also recall having the same issue with a rumble 25, and both it and the rumble 40 have a 3 prong connection is that makes any difference. Thank you.

    I tried a power conditioner strip and it made no difference. The rumble is quiet no matter which outlet I use and the I still get string static on the mixer no matter which outlet I try.

    Here is the mixer in question:
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