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  1. KevinStWarwick


    Jan 11, 2014
    I just want to say please excuse the typos and grammar I just didnt care enough to fix it... but getting to my point; I have a warwick streamer ( its a "rockbass" technically) that Im getting tuned up so I need new strings
    Its got dual passive mec "vintage style humbuckers"
    Im playing on an acoustic (the brand) 20w practice amp right now
    My playing sytle is 95% fingering/slapping and I very rarely use a pick.
    I know theres all different types of stings and stuff I just dont really know much about them.
    the music I play is mostly metal or rock (SOAD, old-metallica, meagdeth, slipknot, tool, a perfect circle, smashing pumpkins, RHCP, cake, NIN, black sabbath, dream theather ect)
    Im looking for something that sound warm and deep, strong enough to cut through (who ever Im playing with) and light enough to be played very quickly with good slap, moneys not really an issue but Id like to keep them under 35 bucks thats pretty pricey for what Ive seen on amazon and musicians friend. I appreciate any and all help. You guys have always been a huge help in the past. thanks in advance and if you have any questions just ask!
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    Dec 15, 2011
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    Mar 6, 2013
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    +1 To bass strings online

    Other ideas, all very similar to Sunbeams, mid punchy & strong. 7250 Fenders ans SIT Power Wounds
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    +1 to
    No reason to buy anywhere else.

    I'm going to suggest DR strings for you. I love Dragon Skins on my Streamer Jazzman, they have a nice deep sound and are not too bright. They are brighter than Sunbeams but not as bright as HiBeams. They are also coated so they have a smoother feel and last longer.
  5. KevinStWarwick


    Jan 11, 2014
    the bass Im putting these on is pretty much just going to be used for all sorts of rock and some metal, I have another bass for jazz/funk/slapping so I want something with alot of punch, those dragon skins sound good and the coating seems cool too (my hands can get pretty sweaty). also should I go with a thicker or thinner gauge it I want alot of punch but I still need to be able to play quickly so if anyone could give their advice on that it be great... (Im assuming thicker but you never know)
    either way thanks for the recommendations, the talkbass community always super helpful
  6. mmbongo

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    I'd go with 45-105's. Any of the DR 'beams' have a round core so they have a more supple, lower tension feel than any other 45-105. So you get the advantages of a big string without the big string tightness. Very articulate and easy to play.