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    purchased recently here on TB ...SOLD - Fender Urge II Butterscotch Blonde

    I'll make every effort to describe this unique instrument as thoroughly as I can. Best I can tell, it is a PRISTINE re-fin, if not factory done! A perfect Butterscotch Blonde with vintage pearl pick guard. hammy.jpg Gorgeous. The head stock is a match for sure, but the words "URGE II" and the Stu Hamm signature, both of which were standard on this instrument, are ""painted " over...they ARE visible, barely, when tilted in the correct light. The "FENDER" logo appears to be aftermarket, but in the right "font". I've been told this piece came out of the Corona, California plant as it is here, designated for a NAMM show.

    It IS without question a real, true Stu Hamm Urge Bass, as the unique three pickup and electronics are original, and function as they should. The tuning pegs are genuine Fender, but NOT the stock pegs Fender used on these basses. The bridge, which accommodates the ""string thru" design, is not the bridge Fender used on these either, but it is a better, more solid bridge IMHO.

    The neck and action are perfect, and I cannot impress upon you enough how cool the finish really is, and how well it was done. Flawless. Matching head stock done perfectly as well. Sonically AND visually, the bass is a "TEN", and is just the coolest thing I've seen. Hard Shell Case to boot. My tech went over it for a good hour, setting it up and making sure the intonation was dead on. New Strings to boot, Dean Markley Blue Steels, 40 -95.

    Pure Fender all the way...lightweight, and a tone monster, with looks to kill. Not another one like it..guaranteed.

    Happy to answer any and all questions, but buy or bid with confidence!!!

    and this from FENDER.....

    Manufactured 12/1999
    Model Name: Stu Hamm Urge II Bass
    Model Number: 019-1500-(Color #)
    Series: Artist Series
    Body: Select Alder, Sleek New Stu Hamm Body Shape
    Neck: Maple, Asymmetrical Oval Shape,
    (Satin Polyurethane Finish)
    Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5” Radius (241mm)
    Frets: 24 Medium Jumbo
    Scale Length: 34” (864 mm)
    Nut: 1.59” (40.4 mm)
    Hardware: Chrome
    Machine Heads: Fender®/Schaller® Deluxe Lightweight Tuning Machines
    Bridge: Deluxe Top Load or Strings-Thru-The-Body Bridge
    Pickguard: 4-Ply White Pearloid
    Pickups: 2 Custom NoiselessTM Jazz Bass® Pickups (Neck and Bridge),
    1 Custom Precision Bass® Pickup (Middle)
    Pickup Switching: 3-Position Mini-Toggle:
    Position 1. All three Pickups
    Position 2. P-Bass Pickup Only
    Position 3. Both Jazz Bass® Pickups

    Pan Control pans between the combinations of the front Jazz and P Bass® pickups, all three pickups, and the rear Jazz Bass and P Bass pickups.
    Controls: Master Volume, Pan Pot, 3-Band Active EQ with:
    Treble Boost/Cut,
    Bass Boost/Cut,
    Mid Boost/Cut
    Colors:(886) Bright Sapphire Metallic with Matching Headstock,
    (Polyurethane Finish)
    Strings: Super Bass 8250M NPS, p/n 073-8250-006,
    Gauges: .045, .065, .085, .110TW (Taperwound E)
    Case: Vintage Tweed Case
    Other Features: 6-Bolt Neck Attachment with Sculpted Heel,
    PosiflexTM Graphite Neck Support Rods,
    Asymmetrical Neck Profile,
    Special Thin Neck Profile,
    Active Electronics,
    Matching Painted Headstock,
    Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups
    Source: U.S.
    Accessories: Vintage Tweed Case, Strap, Cable
    U.S. MSRP: $2,285.70


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    Sep 4, 2012
    Is that the original neck? The dot inlays and the extra digit in the serial number are weird.
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    to the very best of my knowledge, it indeed is the one and only neck this bass has ever been with.
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    Sep 4, 2012
    Is this the 34 inch scale model?
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    Aug 14, 2014
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    yes, the URGE II is the 34" scale.
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    Sep 4, 2012
    Ah, ok, cool. That explains the dots and the tuners, I'm less confused now :)
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