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  1. At 14th of May 2008 the following instruments and accessories were stolen from the rehearsal place of the Hungarian bands SUBSCRIBE and FLYING TV.
    Please contact us if you see any of the stuff somewhere:

    EBS 350w bass amp
    Prolude 350w bass amp (handmade)
    Prolude 4x10 bass stack (PINK colour!!)
    Prolude 1x15 bass stack (PINK colour!!)
    Engl screamer 54 guitar combo
    Boss GT6B bass effect pedal
    Boss GT6 guitar effect pedal
    Laney 300FX guitar combo
    The Box mixer
    Peavey 5150 guitar amp
    Peavey 5150II guitar amp
    Yamaha SG 300 guitar (with broken and glued-back neck)
    ESP Stephen Carpenter signiture guitar (with a 4 cm long and 1 cm thick scratch (break?) on the back and with the signature of Stephen Carpenter)
    Pearl Joey Jordison Slipknot signature drums
    Pearl exprot drums
    Line 6 DC4 Delay pedal
    Boss TU 2 tuner
    Boss PH2 phaser
    Boss NS2 noise suppressor
    CryBaby wah pedal

    Best Regards,
    Miklós Anga Kis
    Phone: +36703989216
    mail: [email protected]
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