Surprise! NBD: A Most Unexpected Hobbit-Sized Bass

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    Mar 22, 2018
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    My mother-in-law struck up a renewed friendship with her long-lost first husband on facebook a few years ago. The man spent a lot of time building stringed instruments in the interim, but he never had children. While I don’t think he necessarily regrets, I think he does wonder “what if?” and he ended up (re)connecting with the whole family. He had had some bass parts lying around for years that he figured he’d never get around to using and wondered whether I would have an interest in doing so. Of course, I said! So he sent them and said he’d include a “surprise” as well. He may have intended it for the six-year-old, but hadn’t heard the kid was left-handed and already had one of these, but as you can see, that’s no problem:


    The coffee-colored Ibanez Mikro will be my standard tuning living room bass until one of my right-handed kids shows an interest!