Talk to me about TAPEwounds for ABG.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm after some new strings for my ABG, and I thought I'd try tapes.
    4 string, 34" scale.
    I've pretty much given up on trying to find ABG strings that give me the tension I want.....cos I tune to C, F, A#, D#.
    I've tried almost every 5-string set out there, and many many 4's - and I either end up with tension that is too tight or waaaaaaayy too loose.

    I like flats with electric's, but they're too dull for ABG for me.
    Maybe I may have some luck with Tapes?

    Could you guys n gals please help me?
    What Tapes are a really loose tension in standard BEADG? (like the TI Jazz Flats)

  2. Tapes sound great on the acoustic. They're all pretty light guage. GHS are my faves.
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  4. Cheers,
    So are they a lower tension than normal strings?
    I'm after somethign with the same tension as TI Jazz FLats.
  5. Help?
  6. Stinsok


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    I tried Carvin tapewounds on an ABG. It gave me a dry, woody thump without fret clack and string noise.
  7. chronrondo


    Dec 2, 2011
    Tapewounds will not ring or give the mids and highs of even an old set of metal flats, so be prepared for thumps, and thwacks, which are great if you need that texture.
  8. Sounds fine to me.

    Tone aside, it's the tension I'm most concerned about.
    Has anyone here played the 5 string (or 4 string) TI Jazz flats, and able to comment on tension compared to those?
  9. Sorry I've never played a set of TIs but tension is less than other flatwounds so I'm guessing it would be in that ballpark.

    I have to disagree with you Chronrondo on sustain... IME tapes have tended to ring more than flatwounds I've used. I have a couple of Youtube vids of noodling on my semi-acoustic Duesenberg - one with D'DA tapes, one with D'DA Chromes if anyone is interested in comparing. v1ntone - YouTube
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    I'm not ready to comment on the sound or volume of tapewounds on my Martin ABG, maybe later. This is simply about the mechanical problems I faced with them. Specifically, the strings were too fat and the silk (or whatever) winding was too long such that it would extend over the saddle even if I solved the first problem. I took photos of my solution (which did NOT involve any sawdust or irreversible mods) and posted here: G's Blog: Bass String Conundrum
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