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Tapered strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by b-monkey, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. i recently played a fender jazz V and i was wondering about the srtings. a few m illimetres after the break point on the bridge the srtings went from being very thin (like at the headstock of the bass) to being normal thickness. is this what a taperd string is? who makes these? also do they effect the sound of the string? i would think they would but really have no idea.... thanks for any help!

    EDIT: do they feel or play any differently than normal strings?
  2. Fender 8150 SuperAlloy have tapered ends. The Taper is so the bass will intonate easier from what I understand. I believe DR has tapered ends on one set.

  3. Yes, those are taper wound strings. There are a few companies who make these string. GHS, LaBella, Rotosound, Fender, Status and Dean Markley 2002.

    Here's a photo showing the difference in string types/wraps.


    IMHO, I feel the taper wound string sits more firm in the bridge saddle (of most basses) and helps with the stability or tightness of the string. I prefer the taper B string on my Fender 5 string, it sounds the most solid for that bass, to my ears.

    I also have a Sadowsky V5 but I prefer the Thomastik-Infeld Power Bass series for that bass, they just sound more solid for that bass to me.



    Price List & Ordering Info

    If you have the finances, try several different string brands and gauges until you find what feels/sounds the best for you!

    Good Luck!

    See attachments for more info!