SOLD TC Electronic Vintage Bass Distortion

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    TC Electronic Vintage Bass Distortion $90 includes shipping to CON US.

    Add extra punch and roar to your bass. The Vintage Bass Distortion will give you awe-inspiring distortion that preserves your natural musical expression while adding loads of hurling fuzz to the bottom. Apply grandiose sustain in normal mode, enriching the overtones and enlarging the bottom. Engage the boost and you're on the highway to Fuzz'n'Buzz. Control the blend of distortion and your original tone with the mix factor knob. Beware that you don't crush, bash and trash your amp with this bass pedal.

    Great pedal, just selling off gear I don't use.

    I would say this is mint condition, if not 'like new' symbol. See photos for condition.

    The box has more wear than the pedal does. Mainly because the pedal was probably only plugged in 3-4 times, total.
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    does the boost function independantly of the distortion circuit? meaning does the boost function it also work as a clean boost?