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The Passing of Max Bennett

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by bad_ai, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. bad_ai

    bad_ai Inactive

    Jun 19, 2018
    Max passed away on 14 Sept 18 and the very ripe old age of 90. He alone is the reason I wanted to learn music but more to how to play as a bassist. His work is utterly as memorable as James Jamerson or Carol Kaye and he did just about as much studio work as both. To me his most memorable track is on the Crusaders' "Street Life." He plays with all the force of a freight train and all the nuance of the finest ballet dancer, dancing around the beat while laying the hardest pocket I ever heard. I once had an all too brief email conversation with him about his playing and he wrote he learned from everyone else but the guys in his environment were folks like John Guerin, Frank Zappa, Tom Scott, Joe Sample, Stix Hooper, Wilton Felder, Zoot Simms and he started out with his own jazz trio not even reading in this days. I remember my first encounter with him, so to speak, on Zappa's "Hot Rats." Who was this guy who is kicking ass on the bass and what was he hearing? When it hit me it was a lightening rod moment to all of music and the freedoms that lie therein.

    For me Max Bennett is the consummate musician, a musicianship that is nothing short of magical. I hope anyone reading this will take some time, search his recordings out with Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Tom Scott and the LA Express, Crusaders and the Max Bennett Trio. He's the bassist that got me to smile instantly because he is so damned groovy!
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