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Thomastik Precision Strings

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by jneuman, May 12, 2004.

  1. I'd be insterested to hear from anyone who uses or has used these strings.

    These are super old school steel strings with a solid core. I believe these were the first strings Thomastik developed, and are the oldest in their line. They claim they were introduced in the 1920's. If this is true, it maybe possible that Koussevitzky used these strings when he went steel as he was one of the first soloists to do so.

    Anyway, I just put a Precision E string on my arco bass just to see how it would work. The rest of my strings are Pirastro original flexocore. The precision is very bright and responsive almost like a new spirocore, but with less sustain and easier to bow. It is also by far the loudest E string I have ever played, which is a good thing. You can never have too much volume on the E for orch. work. I think I will leave it on for a while and see if it settles down. Also, you can't beat the price of these strings.

    Any feedback?

  2. Got a set decades ago, but found them much too stiff and metallic.
    They sound really strong though, as you noticed.
  3. Francois

    Indeed they do have a metallic quality to the sound. This is probablly do to the solid core which has some vibrational characteristics of a vibrating solid object. Interestingly what inspired me to try these was a school bass with these strings on it. The sound was very dark and strong. It is possible though that they were the strings that came on the bass from Germany in 50 years ago though. I don't know if I can wait that long for this string to settle down! How do these compare to the Pirastro Chromcores?

    Thanks for your input.

  4. Chromcors are darker, and have less sustain.
    They are quite stiff too though!
  5. Thanks for the info Francois. This makes sense considering that on the whole Thomsastiks are brighter sounding than Pirsastro. Probably having someting to do with metal formulation or damping or something. I decided that in the interest of safety and because of "better the devil you know", I put the Original Flexocore E back on. It is kind of indistinct sounding but is very warm. On my bass, which is a small 3/4, there is a lack of volume on the E string which I would like to remedy somehow. Any other suggestions?
  6. I understand your concern.
    The Original Flexocor E may sound muddy.
    I use it on my EUB with good results, but EUBs usually sound brighter than acoustics, which compensates.
    The Chromcor could be a good alternative, if you want to stay with a Pirastro string.
    The Permanent would speak more clearly, and with some sustain.
    With other brands, I'm thinking of the Kolstein Varicor.
    Another orchestral string akin to the Original Flexocor, but with a clearer tone.