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  1. I don't have a bass guitar right now,but I really would like to get one and start playing. But I also play clarinet and piano. Well today at school, my band teacher let me try out her bass guitar. It was just a regular guitar, and she let me hold it and feel it and everything. But I couldn't reach all the strings because my hands were too small. So she said something about a Three Quarter Bass? She told me that I should get one of those,sense I can't fit into a regular bass. What do you think? I've never even heard of a Three Quarter,I've only heard of a short scale bass.

    Also: What kind of amp should I get, for a beginner?
    How should I learn to play? My band teacher said to just start out with a red book, and learn the notes. She said that once I start playing, I can play for the Jazz Band.. that'd be fun!

    Thanks a Bunch!
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    A short scale bass should work fine for you. Three-quarter typically refers to an upright (acoustic) bass, which come in full size (4/4) and 3/4 size (plus other sizes).

    If your hands are really too small for a standard bass, get a short scale bass with a thin neck. I would also suggest contacting another bass teacher. Perhaps they can help you with proper technique that will allow you to play a standard bass. Lot's of people with small hands play bass.

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    I would suggest going to and checking out the short scale bass there. Wont get a better value.