Through body stringing

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  1. the2connors


    Jan 2, 2014
    :help:I'm building a through neck 5 string & have the option of through body or not stringing - which is preferable & why?
    Also, I was going to use 5 separate bridges, however my finger board is to high for the adjustment provided - I have tried several 5 string bridges & look like I will have to build-up the body to get the string height correct - is this normal? :confused:
  2. bass4worship

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    May 4, 2009
    Sebring, Florida
    Through the body stringing allow for more string break on the saddle which help with intonation.
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  3. In addition it provides slightly more tension which is good if you use TI Jazz Flats like I do.
  4. vxjoe


    Sep 22, 2013
    Through seems to give more body vibrations, which I like. Even playing acoustically, using a solid body, you can feel the vibration. The only other way to get the body to vibrate this much is to use high volume or feedback.
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