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  1. Got my double bass in the eighties from the old gravedigger in our
    Church. He found it buried in the sawdust attic of the clocktower.
    No one knew how long its been up there under the roof.
    The only fault was a crack on the side of the body. Fixed it with some glue
    Added some new strings, wow the cost!!, and its been playing fine ever since.
    The only mark is a label inside the body "Made in Chechoslovakia" no numbers
    found. Looks like something from the fifties. Anyone got a tip? Gösta.
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    That is an instrument-find story that needs to be published! Thanks for sharing it!

    It's a great find, whatever the instrument's history. Pictures would really be enjoyed if you can provide them, and it's possible someone here will be able to answer some of your questions.
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  3. I'm no expert at all, so feel free to doubt me. Czechoslovakia was a state between 1918-1992. Since pre-WWII instruments were usually signed by custom sticker or by pencil signature, I guess the Made in Czechoslovakia sticker would date the bass into communist reign between 1948-1989. At the time, kind of in the manner of 'one ring that rules them all', there was one major acoustic instruments factory, and small manufacturers were more or less forbidden. It's a good chance the bass comes from the factory. The company is called Strunal nowadays. Before that it was called Cremona, before 1948 Schönbach. I found a short history and a literature on this web (they say google translate is pretty cool nowadays, check it out).
    I never found much bass related information about Czech manufacturers, sadly.
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  4. Thanks! pretty narrows it to the sixties or the fifthies. If its been hidden under the sawdust
    for at least ten to twentie years. Keeps playing good though.
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  5. I agree, 50s or 60s.
    I have a feeling that basses from 70s and 80s were mostly laminated. I guess someone had to make good master instruments even then, I just haven't seen any. But as I said, I'm no expert at all.
    I love your gravedigger story. Bests mine by a long leap (I've been given the bass by a saw player who just liked me).
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    Mo. Jo.
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    Just getting the bass from a 'grave digger' is, yeah, pretty good story.
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    You've heard the story about the guy with the '60s VW Camper who left his double bass in the car while shopping, came out to find the window broken, the side door open and 3 other double basses inside?


    (modified from banjo jokes)
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    Second on the pictures. Let's see this bad boy !
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  10. IMG0075A.jpg IMG0076A.jpg heres some pics of my found tjech bass IMG0075A.jpg
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    I'm interested from hearing from those more knowledgeable. As clean as that bass looks, perhaps more people will be moving to storing their basses under piles of sawdust! :D

    Those are some shiny chrome plates/tuners - not what I would expect of an older European bass.

    Hard to tell from the pic - is that ply , hybrid, or carved? Any add'l pics of the sides/back, and the crack?