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    Sep 16, 2013
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    It's time for me to admit i have a problem (first step). I can't deny anymore that I often end up rambling needlessly whenever i post anything about...anything. Which makes some of my posts into massive walls of text nobody in their right mind (thankfully some of you probably arent) would bother reading because on top of being biblesque (in length i mean, i'm not THAT obtuse), they are not particularly interesting or insightful. I just prattle on and on...and on..and on..........and on about f knows (and thank god only f knows). Usually myself (like right now) or my life. Both of which are naturally immensely boring (except to people paid to hear about it and meaningfully nod in a carefully rehearsed pretense of interest).

    I don't know whats my problem but obviously i need non (or un) professional help. Keep in mind i might have been born this way. I did not choose this. It happened. Don't judge me ( even though i totally do judge you). When i was young i may or may not have seen something nasty in the woodshed. That's all i will say about it.

    So please teach me how to train my brain to remain concise so in the future i can limit my posts to "yes" "no" "it depends" "+1" "I agree" "lol" "you're wrong" "never on a sunday" "You=F***tard" and perhaps even, "TL;DR" (stands for Too long Didnt read for those who dont know) or "TL;TTRAWBAFGUDRITEKTHXBYE" (stands for Too long, tried to read anyway, was boring as ****, gave up, didn't read in the end, k thanks bye. Pronounced Tel Trawbafgudritekthanksbye BTW FYI IMHO TTYL)

    Legal Disclaimer: This post may be TL;DR
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  3. TL;DR
  4. Be happy that you can think and translate your thoughts to words.

    I'm no brain trust, but I have a friend who isn't very bright. He knows nothing about what's happening in the world (or country for that matter), makes a wage below the poverty range (but he's used to it and has never lived without roommates), and worst of all as a result of his dumbness, likes the worst TV shows ever aired.

    I'm sometimes jealous of him because he generally seems happy and content, something I would never be if i was in his position. My position sucks, but at least I know it. But then again, if I didn't know it...
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    Apr 10, 2009
    Cool story :)
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    Oct 20, 2007
    That's where the saying "Ignorance if bliss' came from.
  7. Avalon


    Feb 28, 2009
    So what's your point?
  8. Milk


    Sep 16, 2013
    Montreal, Canada
    BRO. You can't just say cool story. You have to add the BRO. Cool story, bro. Otherwise the irony is not as strong.

    This is what i should have titled the thread instead of tldr BTW FWIW FYI.

    Don't make me get into it. Just a simple question like this could launch me into a four paragraphs explanation in which i'd probably detail parts of my childhood and the special relationship i shared with my comforter and also mention the time an ex argued with me that stirring soda would not make it go flat faster.
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    I like pie
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    Well see i can't really translate my thoughts that well, if i could i'd be more concise and wouldn't digress and go off on tangents. I think i'm poor at expressing my thoughts precisely, my brain just runs off and then i'm left to wonder, as the guy above, what was my point again? (this thread had none, it was 3:30am and i was annoyed at how stupidly long my last few posts had been) Maybe that's where college would have come in handy....

    Still better i guess than being ignorant and unable to express anything. But... there's a lot of people i know who are having a lot easier time in life because they are pretty ignorant and so they don't do so much self-reflection which makes them less stressed and depressed and they're not constantly wondering what the hell they're doing with their lives, nevermind worrying about the state of the world. I wish i was a little more stupid. Happiness might come easier.

    I do like your friend make a wage below poverty (partly by choice i guess though, well...that's debatable actually but lets not get into it) and i HAVE had about 30 rooomates in my life...up until 5 years ago anyway when i decided i couldn't do roommates anymore. I'm not a people person and as a result, barely any of my roommates ever liked me (and i didn't like most of them either) so there's always been heavy rotation... nothing worse than living with someone just because financially youre forced to.
  11. Milk


    Sep 16, 2013
    Montreal, Canada
    You and everyone else.

    show me one person who hates pie and i'll show you a liar.

    Alternately, show me a pie and i'll show you who ate all of it. (hint: me)
  12. My posts become longer as my social contact (off the Internet) lessens. I also begin to annoy more people at the grocery store with stuff I doubt they care about, like which brand of oatmeal I'd buy.
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    Aug 22, 2011
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    Did you say something?
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    Easy. You just don't lead 'em so much.
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    Sep 16, 2013
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    This thread isnt dead yet?

    Cause frankly i think it's TLDR. I didn't even read any of the posts i wrote. They just came out of my brain in a free flowing stream of thoughts
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    It's OK if you ramble. I quite like your ramblings. It's better than posters who are too lazy to write anything more than a few sentences or who ADD out and can't engage longer than that.
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    Jul 7, 2009
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    I'm not lazy.
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    Please change your avatar i'm sick of being turned on by JJL's tongue!!!

    I have to say it probably helps that most people here seem to be 30 or even 40+. Our generation, and the older ones, tend to not have so much ADD. i mean personally even if i HAD an interest in Twitter, i couldn't do it. How many character is it? like 160? I cant say anything WORTHWHILE in 160 characters (often i can't with 3000). It would drive me insane.

    And to be honest, while i do ramble on, i have been sorta insulted on past forums before when i actually posted things that actually DIDN'T ramble, and made a fair point or whatever (i can make the difference most least after i hit send), and some people replied TLDR. I find in fact the idea of TLDR completely moronic. Its fine that you don't want to waste 5 minutes reading a long post, i've done it myself many times before, but really you're gonna waste a second to tell someone you didn't read their post? what's the point of that? And when you talk with people, if someone rambles on and you kinda zone out, are you actually rude enough to tell them "too long, didn't listen"? And just the expression have too much ADD to actually write Too long, didn't read... Cause that's way too long to type... I mean i know sometimes it's being used ironically, but not always.