SOLD Tobias Basic 5 String Pre-Gibson All Original Serial Number: 5xx!!

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    Up For Trade is my Pre-Gibson Tobias Basic 5 String in Great Condition and ALL ORIGINAL. Also Includes the original "Brown" Tobias Hard Shell Case from the 1980's. The case has seen a few miles but works!

    The Serial Number is: 58x and I believe puts it at 1987.

    This bass is an absolute TONE Monster! These original Bartolini "Drop Shoulder" pups and TCT pre are a great combo. Tons of bottom, punchy mids and a clean glass like high end!

    Plays fantastic. Piece of History here that does not let down in the tone department. Actually, this one sounds better than some Pre-Gib Classic and Signatures I've owned!

    The Condition for a bass this old is great! The only thing I can mention is there is a small indent on the neck, on the bass side. Nothing is cracked and it is very thin. You can feel it though if you try.


    Body - Maple Wings
    Neck - Flame Maple Neck Through with Wenge strips (Asym)
    FingerBoard - Pau Ferro
    Color - Trans Red
    Hardware - Chrome all original
    Pups - Bartolini Original Drop Shoulder
    Pre-Amp - Bartolini Original TCT
    Controls - Vol, Vol, Trb, Mid, Bass with Active/Passive Switch

    1.) Ken Smith BT or CR 5 (Prefer Big Headstock and 3 knob but will look at all) (Primary)
    2.) MTD 535
    3.) Skjold 5 (Possible)

    All trades must be equally as clean as this Tobias!


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    Dec 19, 2006
    Sweet bass dude
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  3. PM's replied and still available!
  4. Slammer


    Feb 12, 2003
    USA, New York
    Why is the fretrod cover so long?
  5. Hi, this bass has been sold but to answer the question it was an earlier Tobias so the body shape was ever slightly different. I owned another early Classic that had a longer Truss Rod Cover
  6. iwearpumas


    Aug 12, 2011
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    I wish I had those pickups.