SOLD Tony Levin OLP 5 Coral Modified

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  1. Price:
    For Sale or trade for Short Scale Bass. Going back to short scale
    Tony Levin OLP 5 in Coral, Rose wood neck.
    It has been modified:
    Purchased from BestBassGear with help from Max $400 in mods
    Nordstrand OLP 5.4
    John East MM Preamp with para mids
    Added 4 way Tele Switch and wired as
    1. Neck Single Coil
    2. Series
    3. Parallel
    4. Bridge Single Coil
    2015-03-13 09.13.25 (Custom).jpg
    2015-03-27 16.23.04.jpg 2015-03-13 09.13.12 (Custom).jpg
    Will come with Roadrunner Case-
    There is
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  3. Price drop $600 +s&h
  4. I'm not an SR5 guy but if I were, the Bass would be at the top of my list. The OLP Tony Levin was very well-respected when it was released and I can vouch for the goodness of the East MM pre / Nordstrand MM PUP combo. Assuming this bass is in good shape (and I have no reason to believe it isn't) this is a phenomenal buy!!!
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  5. Price DROP $550 + S&H

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