Troy Martin Bass - know anything about them?

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    Came across this the other day and thought it had a Pedulla vibe going on..
    Troy Martin Guitar Works
    Apparently MIA
    Troy Martin Guitars

    Any experience with one? Please chime in.



    Body Wood: solid Honduran Mahogany.
    Neck Wood: 5-piece Curly Maple/Walnut laminated neck (for maximum tone and stability).
    Fretboard Material: Madagascar Rosewood.
    Knobs: East Indian Rosewood.
    Headstock: Figured Satinwood.
    Scale: 34”
    Frets: 24 (2 octave) vintage size frets.
    Bridge: Vintage-style (getting vintage Fender tone with a high-mass bridge is nearly impossible - it really does make a noticeable difference).
    Neck Profile: Early 60’s Jazz bass profile.
    Truss Rod: Bi-directional stainless steel double truss rods for precision neck adjustment and stability .
    Finish: Birchwood Casey TruOil.
    Weight: 7.45 lbs.
    Strings: DR handmade PURE BLUES (0.045” - 0.105”)
    Pickups: Nordstand NJ4 (vintage-voiced).
    Pre-amp: Nordstrand 3B-5B 3-band preamp with mid sweep control.
    (LOW: +/- 12dB @ 50Hz)
    (MID: +/- 12dB @ 1k Hz)
    (TREB: +/- 12dB @ 4k Hz)

    VOLUME (pull passive)
    PICKUP BLEND (center indent)
    MID (pull freq. select)
    TREBLE/BASS (stacked)
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    Maybe a little Parker Fly as well?
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    So its a jazz in disguise? I like it! :thumbsup:
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