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Twang! Twang! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Drpepper99uk, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Drpepper99uk


    Dec 31, 2004

    I recorded my 3rd band practice session on Sunday(24th of April) and after recording it on my audio cd recorder I decided to take it home and then convert it to normal cd format.On some of the tracks they sound quite decent however, on some of the more louder(by that I mean involve a loud or more progressive lead guitar line) tracks my bassline appear to be very twangy indeed which spoils the song somewhat.This overides the whole songs itself.We had out singers vocals turned up louder so that his voice would be louder than the actual song itself.

    I had asked out drummer to make my input louder during some of the songs which have quite a dominent bass line to them(like Orange Crush by REM) and that appeared to sound ok till we did the end part in a thrash style and then the problem started. I'm not to into the technical setup we have but all I know is that my bass rig(a peavey combo 115) coming from the DI out(Low Z or something like that) then into a Boss mixer. I think the problem is that my bass rig only puts out 200 watts max(I don't have an extension cab for it yet) and to compensate for the loud lead guitarist we have I tend to slap or pluck the strings a bit harder than usual to give extra sound so I can hear myself through the song better.Would this result in this twanging sound? It sounds like I have turned up the soapbar pickup gain to high giving a much more clearer sound(ideal for slap) than the usual low deep sound.All I can hear is my bassline over everything else in the last 6 or songs out of 15 we recorded.

    Any idea's in how I can overcome this problem? Sorry for the sketchy post but i'm really confused as to how to solve it.Somebody I know suggested that we purchase an 8 track recorder so that the bass,lead,drum,and vocal tracks are recorded seperatly at a decent level rather than 1 particular instrument is dominent over all others.I was looking into something like a BOSS BR864 sut i'm not sure is this is ideal for what we do or if it's any good.

    I can send somebody on here a mp3 sample of one of our songs to show you what I mean if that's viable?


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