Unbalanced pickups?

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  1. So I've bought this ESP LTD B206SM after reading good reviews of it - it sounds awesome, looks even better. The only downside is that it's really heavy, and the issue I started this thread for; the pickups seem to be unbalanced.. :s
    I've tried everything I can to try and get a more even sound across all the strings, but from the D - C the sound gets noticeable quieter.
    I've tried heavier string gauges too. Am I doing something wrong or is that just how the bass is?

  2. Yes, those are heavy basses. I play the ESP LTD D5 and she is a beast. Few times my shoulder would hurt after a few hours of standing and playing.

    I have not had that issue at all with mine. I did have to get a compressor to help pull in the higher strings so the sound was a bit more even across all strings.

    I also string my different - I pull off the low B STring and string it with a high C instead.

    I would have it looked at, just so you are without a doubt correct in what you think the problem is.
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    I have a B206 (pre spalted maple) with ESP's version of the EMG HZ pickups. It was my primary instrument for a while. Didn't notice any difference in the volume of the individual strings.

    Maybe your EQ settings or the built-in voicing of your amp/cab are emphasizing the lower frequencies?
    Also you might want to try balanced tension string sets. I use CircleK balanced sets on all my 5 and 6 string basses. They seem to even out the "sound" in addition to the "feel".
  4. Thanks a lot guys, I'll try those :)