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  1. I have an underwood pickup jack that clips onto the D and A strings just above the tail piece on my double bass. I think I have to replace it. Does anyone know where to get one of these? None of the music stores in my area seem to have one.

    Thanks Bill
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    A picture would help choose an appropriate Jack from parts express.
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    it actually clips on to the strings? I have the type that clips onto the nridge between the strings. I woudl sell that one if that is what you mean.
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    The older Underwood pickup like I used for years, had a tailpiece mounted mono Switchcraft 'barrel' type jack, with a piece of clear plastic tubing over it.
    Sounds like someone mounted it onto a Fishman style bracket, that clips on the back length of the center strings, above the tailpiece. Those Switchcraft jacks are available at Guitar center, as used with the Fishman guitar pickups- they can be usually obtained for less than 15 bucks. The two conductor -mono version is all you really need- but....You can also use the more expensive stereo version, and just use the tip/ sleeve connections. These are the ones that you see in almost every top brand acoustic guitar with an active pickup- and the jack has a strap button it at the body/ rear. Just remove the bolts and strap button washers, and the button- and bolt it right up to the Fishman bracket. That's how I did my Full Circle mount.
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    You can likely mount a new 1/4" jack in the bracket that clips to the strings. Indeed, a picture would help.

    I strongly recommend that you not go with Radio Shack jacks and that you not use a stereo jack as suggested above. Here's why. Believe it or not, the dimensions of 1/4" plugs (tip-size, shape, etc.) are not really standardized. Take a look here. Lower cost, lower quality jacks are usually not well-designed in terms of their tolerance for variations in plug-size. They often lead to intermittent connections on the bandstand. It's no fun. In addition, the Radio Shack products, especially their lower-end ones, tend to have flimsy contacts. They are simply not up to being repeatedly connected and disconnected. Understandably, they also don't tolerate abuse very well.

    Using a stereo jack exacerbates the problems because there is even less room for error and, given the dimensional variances of 1/4" plugs, you can be asking for trouble.

    The solution is fairly simple. Use a Switchcraft or a Neutrik 1/4" mono jack. They are built like tanks and make very secure connections. The $5 or so more you'll spend will help you to avoid huge amounts of frustration and aggravation.
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    Indeed! For some reason I thought the OP wanted to stick with the bracket. The mounting pictured in Eric's link is actually similar to the one I and many others use. I think it's far better than the bracket in the strings.

    Scroll down this page and you'll see that Gollihur supplies a clip and nylon screw/nut with the Ehrlund. Perhaps they'd sell just the mounting hardware if you ask 'em really nicely. :)
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    I'd say that it probably just needs to be re-soldered. Whatever the heck he's got, it's far more likely that the wire has failed rather than the jack itself.
  9. Golihur music is sending the Ehrlund mounting jack which will work fine with the Switchcraft jack that I just purchased.

    Thanks for all of the excellent advice.