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    Apr 24, 2020
    Hey all,

    I have a modded SX SS P, gotoh bridge and tuners, pit Bull strings, TH350 through 2x SVT 210Av.

    I wanted to know who has changed the p pup even if they liked the stock one. Why? Because I either want to swap mine out or upgrade the wiring and pots at least. Again, why? I’m happy with the tone mostly, could do with some more definition perhaps but they are noisy as hell and the bridge ground has come loose after a few months of Jamming. So, here in Aus it’s $50 for new wire/pots or I like the sound of the EMG GB P which is solderless and comes with pots and jack for $200. So for me the extra $150 isn’t too steep as it includes both a pup upgrade and all the wiring etc and is convenient as.
    I guess my question is will a wiring upgrade improve the pups enough or should I just go straight for the EMGs? Sorry for the long post but I wanted to hear from other SX owners who may have been down the same path. Love the bass otherwise so it’s not a question of worth or money but the return on tone haha.
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    Aug 21, 2011
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    The wiring upgrade is unlikely to change the tone much, if at all. Assuming you're keeping the same value of pots; by swapping to pots of a different impedance, you can get brighter or darker tone. I wouldn't say it's strictly speaking necessary to upgrade the wiring (unless it's failing on you), but it would give you a chance to sort out that grounding connection, at the least.

    The pickup is going to, by far, make the biggest difference in tone. While I don't have any personal experience with that EMG model, it seems to get a lot of love around here. There are a bajillion P pickup options out there to choose from, though, and I'm not sure what's available/affordable Down Under, so I don't wanna start rattling off names
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    Apr 24, 2020
    Thanks! Yeah for sure I figured the new pup would offer all the tone. I guess I am still trying to decide about whether I can be bothered to re-wire etc versus just get the EMG set and drop it in. It’s just such a good price for all included and hassle free-not that that should the reason but it’s pretty convincing haha. a
    And yes. As you say so many choices re: P pups I could easily get a different set and new pots etc. Also yes, will fix that bridge wire, just waiting to decide before I have to pull it apart again.
    Appreciate the response.