No longer available USA Spector NS-4 Emerald Green Stain Gloss NAMM '16 4-String Bass EMG 35DC w/ 18v HAZ

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    B700F019-4802-4115-98B2-0B7635CF9583.jpeg 24FC1E65-DC10-41CA-8EC8-A6F1EC9B99B9.jpeg F2834BDC-10B1-43BC-B358-3055BF35C908.jpeg 114F77C7-EB1B-48C1-B116-61B7BEA6A97D.jpeg C0CD5020-BB5E-4756-991D-A66076E9FE85.jpeg 56D4931C-6B5E-47FD-BB8C-2FFC26AA6180.jpeg
    USA Spector NS-4, Emerald Green Stain, High Gloss - NAMM Show '16, 4-String Bass EMG 35DC w/ 18v HAZ

    Bass is in excellent condition and includes OSHC! Price includes standard ground shipping in the USA.

    Complete Specifications Include:
    Neck-Thru Body
    3-Piece Maple w/ Graphite reinforcement rods for added strength
    24 fret Pau Ferro Fingerboard with Spector Abalone Crown Inlays
    Scale Length: 34"
    Radius: 16"
    Width at Nut: 1.64"
    Headstock Face Vaneer: Ebony
    Body: Spector NS Curved and Carved body
    Wood: AAAA Solid Figured Maple Wings
    Finish: Emerald Green Stain High Gloss
    Hardware: Active Pickups - EMG 35DC
    Active Tone Controls: Spector "HAZ" 18v +/- 15dB Boost and Cut, Bass and Treble
    Controls: Master Volume, Pickup Balance, Treble / Bass Stack
    Weight: 9.6 lbs

    I'm looking for an outright sale. The only trade I would consider would be a USA Spector NS-4 or NS-2 with a Birdseye Maple Fretboard, in excellent condition.
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    HOLY COW!!! That's amazing!!!
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    Hey OP, you know it's good when this guy says so! :D
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    Canada, Eh!
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    Seriously. I might need to move my Forte to make room for this one. Decisions, decisions.
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    looks matter !!