SOLD Useful Arts BF-1 Tube DI/preamp

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    Dec 23, 2003
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    In excellent condition. This is an excellent Tube DI with selectable 2 band EQ.

    Real nice form factor for a tube DI. Can fit in the pocket of many gig bags. Much smaller than a REDDI, Broughton SSDI/P-15, Sonic Farm etc. Even more narrow than an Oracle.

    Big warm and round tone. Sounds really, really good.

    Comes in original box. Selling because I’m interested in trying the larger (and more expensive) Useful Arts BF-S.

    From the Manufacturer:
    For bass players, the BF-1 can actually eliminate the need for an amp altogether. Feed a console with the tubes in the BF-1 and it will sound better than any bass amp output you’ve ever heard. Crank the low band of the EQ, and say goodbye to the windows and drywall in the venue.

    More here: bf1 – Tube Mic Preamps | Tube Direct Boxes | Useful Arts Audio


    $675 Shipped CONUS.

    Might be open to a trade for a Retrospec Juicebox or involving a Jule Monique/Simone which I haven’t tried yet.
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    These are by far my favorite DI’s for bass. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with this and the big brother and they just sound so sweet. Someone will be very happy with both the sound and the price on this one. GLWTS!
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