Using a compressor to balance flatpole J bass pickups

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    Nov 21, 2006
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    The current Jazz bass I'm using, like many J basses, has flat pole pieces. In addition, it has a "vintage" 7.25" fretboard radius. Because of this, the output of each string from the pickup isn't as even as I like. The A and D strings are quieter than the E and G. I know why this is, but I'm wondering if using a transparent compressor pedal in a live setting would help.

    Furthermore, I'm looking for a compressor pedal that won't alter my tone much. I've played through some compressor pedals, and even set lightly, the low end can sound a little hyped/muddy. I'd bypass this whole compressor deal, but some tunes I play require stuff like pedals off the A string or something, and that open A string tends to get buried versus the E string A note in the same octave. Any suggestions on a comp pedal that would accomplish this? Or if there's a solution other than a comp pedal I'd like to hear that as well!

    note: I've tried setting the action on basses like this a pinch higher and naturally flattening the radius of the strings a little bit to even the outputs, but the effect is not enough.
  2. That can work- I have a set of DiMarzio Js in my Yamaha bass.

    REGARDLESS of how I set them up (adjustable pole pieces) my E (D in my tuning) string is always louder than the rest.

    Compression to the rescue!
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