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    A little while back, I acquired this early G&L SB-1. Seller said it was an 83, neck revealed an 84 build date.
    Initially I wasn't a big fan of the early pickguard-less design, or the color of this bass. However, when it arrived, I really fell in love with this design. I cleaned it up well and the blue really looks beautiful. The color looks much lighter/brighter in the sunlight; I honestly think of it as "navy" or dark blue in normal indoor lighting. I also polished the frets and the tuners (as best i could) and treated the fretboard. It plays and sounds great too, with some mellow, broken-in flat wounds on it.
    Sadly, another similar bass has more or less fallen in my lap and, as much as I love the SB-1, she has to be on the move.
    Its 35 years old so it has some nicks and chips swirls and impressions... but, honestly, for a bass this old, I think it is in great shape.
    Anything that looks like a major defect is probably just the reflection of the grass or my phone. She's pretty shiny. Pictures show all the blemishes Im aware of.
    For full asking price I'll ship it in a hard case of some sort. The case may not be pretty, but it will help keep it safe on the ride. Price DOES NOT INCLUDE shipping. Shipping is on your dime. I'm guessing it should be around 60 bucks using FedEx Home.
    I'll consider reasonable offers.

    IMG_20180910_143249 (960x1280).jpg
    IMG_20180910_143358 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143349 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143331 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143316 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143306 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143258 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_143420 (960x1280).jpg IMG_20180910_150635.jpg
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  3. Sorry, IRS says I have too much gear already. Selling this one outright.
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    Does the IRS control our gas now too??
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    might as well buy this one, folks. no way i am selling mine!
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