Vintage Hiwatt DR201

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    This sale is on hold for the moment. After removing the chassis to photograph the inside i noticed a few caps forming fissures. I will put this back up after a proper re-cap has been done to the power section. If you are interested in the amp as is. I will sell at a discounted price if you prefer your tech, or you to do the work. The amp was still playing great with low noise, but I will not be firing it up again until the work is done.

    Okay, this might be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever had. I am more than likely letting this incredible amp go to one of you fine forum members. There will be more pictures and info as I collect it from the various places I wrote it down. For now lets post that it is a Mid 70's Hiwatt (I believe 1976 need to check). It is the 6 x el34 model. Harry Joyce Wired. It has recently been serviced and only played a handful of times since new tubes.

    Since I purchased this amp after it sat for a while it's recent service included...
    -Updated Power Cord
    -New tubes 6 'winged C' el34s
    -reforming the caps to make sure they are operating safely and in spec.
    -The reversal of a preamp mod (now stock)
    -swapping in a mix of mullard and telefunken preamp tubes.

    Why am I selling? I am out of work right now with an injured singer, and I have the reeves. I love the hiwatt, but don't think i'd ever be able to find another 400watt head, which the reeves is.

    Because of the weight and recent bad shipping experiences. I will not be shipping this amp. However, I am willing to meet up, and drive a decent distance for the right price. Atlanta, charlotte, richmond, maybe even nashville. Obviously a lot would have to be worked out.

    $2500, I might also consider trading for a DR103, or DR504 plus some cash.

    Much better, and chassis pictures to come. Iphone pics for now.
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    Ahh man! I'm in NC, but i'm about $2100 short.
  3. Where in NC?
  4. I'm in calabash. border of north and south carolina on the coast. 1hr south of wilmington, 2 north of charleston.
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    I go to Ocean Isle and Sunset a lot... I pretty much know the answer, but how much does this baby weigh?
  6. the old catalog says 26 kilos (60ish lbs.) and I believe it.
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    :bawl: too bad, but I know what you mean.
  8. I do make treks to NYC every once and a while. Boston is not that much further. I will of course post if I'm making any road trips.
  9. ...bump :meh: