Warm Cab Help (PF115he vs SVT212av)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Chico16, Oct 16, 2022.

  1. PF115he

  2. PF210he

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  3. SVT212av

  4. Avatar NEO 210/212

  1. Chico16


    Apr 2, 2012
    Yuma, Az
    Long time GK user, but just transitioned from a GK 700rb-II head to an Ampeg PF500 and found I like the Ampeg tone much more. I’m currently using the PF500 with a GK NEO 210 and I like the tone a lot, but at rehearsals I’ve found the 210 struggling to keep up with the low E and B strings sometimes. I’ve just purchased a PF800 to keep the 500 as a backup, and I’m looking at the following cab options.

    - PF115he
    - PF210he
    - SVT212av
    - Avatar NEO 210/212

    Basically, I’m looking for a light weight-ish, warm cab that will rumble the low E and B hits and keep up with band volume. If a cab is heavy on the deep lows I don’t think it will be a problem as I consider my bass very mid-dy (Ibanez SR605) I’m sure I can EQ to cut through. PA support is almost always available at gigs, not rehearsals. I’d prefer an 8ohm cab for the odd outdoor gig so that I can pair 2 cabs together (rarely play outdoors, but always have PA support).

    I was leaning more towards the SVT212av, but since it is 4ohms I have doubts if it will be enough in the odd chance an outdoor gig comes up (thoughts?) My 2nd choice would probably be the PF115he - has anyone had any experience using the 115 by itself?

    I’m open to any other recommendations you guys might have. My budget would be no more than $800 (the price of the SVT212). I also have the option to pick up an Avatar NEO 210 and Avatar NEO 212 both 8ohms used, but I have no experience with Avatar. Any thoughts on those?
  2. gtirard


    Feb 22, 2020
    Paris, France
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  3. paskisti


    Jan 20, 2005
    I would say that single 212AV may not be enough for outdoor use and notice that PF800 pushes 800W into 4 ohm so your single 212 may not tolerate all that mechanically -> be careful when running higher power levels.
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  4. shoot-r


    May 26, 2007
    (From your list.)
    If your buying new and money "isn't" a obstacle, the Ampeg 212AV would be my choice.

    If money "is" a issue, a new Avatar 212 cab is one of the best values on the market.
    (If you can find a Avatar 212 cab used, then it's an even greater value.)
    (FYI: my main gigging cabinets have been two, Avatar 210 Neo cabinets stacked as a vertical 410 since 2008, to my ears, they've been great!
    Recently, I bought a used Bergantino CN212 cab to downsize my stage rig. It also is proving to be great.)

    When the PF series were first released I owned a Ampeg PF115HE cabinet for a very short time.
    My experience with it was NOT good and I wouldn't recommend it.
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  5. Chico16


    Apr 2, 2012
    Yuma, Az
    Very true! I’d have to be careful with that and keep my ears on it if I use the PF800 with it.
  6. Chico16


    Apr 2, 2012
    Yuma, Az
    Thanks! I do like the look of the Ampeg 2x12, just hard to test it first. There’s about 3 guitar centers 2 hours away from me but they mostly have combos. I do have an opportunity to get a 2008 Avatar 2x12 through a trade for some other gear I have, so I might give those a shot before exploring Ampeg.

    I am curious though what made you dislike the PF115he? That one was up on my list with the plans to potentially pair it with a PF210 or another 115 in the future.
  7. Masbutch

    Masbutch Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2013
    Good luck finding an ampeg 212av! I’ve been searching high and low for one for a few weeks now. They are an AWESOME sounding cabinet tho
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  8. The Ampeg 212AV is one of my favorite cabs, I use mine with an SVT-CL most of the time but it sounds good with any amp I've tried with it.
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  9. dbsfgyd1


    Jun 11, 2012
    Mascoutah, IL
    How about a 2nd GK Neo 210?
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  10. Marko 1

    Marko 1 Supporting Member

  11. OkayistBassist

    OkayistBassist Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2017
    I had a PF-800 on top of a Portaflex 210 / 115 stack. I dug that rig.

    The 212AV is one of Ampeg’s best cabinets. I paired mine with a 50th Anniversary SVT. I used this setup when I couldn’t use the Fridge for a gig. As stated above, good luck finding one.
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  12. spencejm


    Jun 6, 2007
    Columbia, MO
    I’ve had a 212AV sitting in my basement since January. It hasn’t even been connected to an amp because the stupid PF-50t is still back ordered!! I’m really looking forward to hearing it!

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  13. Masbutch

    Masbutch Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2013
    I’d love to use one with my svt-vr for gigs where I can’t use an 810 but I can’t find one anywhere
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  14. 5BEB39F3-2DFD-483D-9264-726C653BB635.jpeg 0FF2B56F-E476-4BD8-AC86-C0EF91E150B4.jpeg
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  15. Same. I found the PF115HE didn't handle a lot of power before it started 'farting'.
    I don't have the same problems with my Fender Bassman Pro Neo 115
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  16. The listed cabs won't be much/any louder than the one you have now so will probably struggle as well.
    Theres no replacement for displacement as they say.
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  17. paskisti


    Jan 20, 2005
    FYI 212AV is available at Thomann European webshop, but it does not help US customers much.
  18. Chico16


    Apr 2, 2012
    Yuma, Az
    I’m not opposed to this, but ideally I want to carry with 1 cab. I think a 4x10 would be overkill (not that that’s bad lol). Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago I purchased a GK NEO 212 and I didn’t like it. I really wanted to like that cab, thought that was exactly what I was looking for since I like the 210 so much, but the 212 was much brighter and high mid heavy than the 210 version. That’s what ended up bringing me here to look for new options ;)
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  19. Chico16


    Apr 2, 2012
    Yuma, Az
    Very interesting… thanks for sharing! Now that you mention it I might be overlooking Fender. I know the Bassman Pros are different, but every Fender Rumble cab I’ve played through has sounded really warm, and the Rumbles with the black grill look pretty sweet… :help:
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  20. I really like em. They're lightweight and durable. Sound is, imo, classic 1x15" vintage. I leave the tweeter off.