warped neck

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  1. quatre03


    Aug 20, 2004
    ok i have this dean edge q4, its my first bass i gor from 2 years ago, and its always buzzed from the 5-9th frets and i fixed it a while back by just raising the action. But the action on my other basses are really nice an low. so i lowered the action all the way down on my dean and it buzzed of course but i new it had to go lower , so i shimmed the neck, and raised the action back up to clear the neck. now the action is perfect, but it still buzzes on those 4 frets for all 4 strings, and its fine every where else. i've tightened the truss rod a few days ago and I still seen the warp in the 6th and 9th fret area. I dont want to take it in and get it setup because i have 60$ in the bank for the next 2 weeks.... :D so i need a solution :help:
  2. if the neck is truely warped only an experienced luthier can help you. but it sounds like you need a good fretleveling...