SOLD Warwick Custom Shop Streamer Stage 1 5-String Bass

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    Custom Shop Warwick Streamer Stage 1

    Build features include -
    Year: 2011
    Top: Exhibition Grade AAAA Quilted Maple Top
    Body: Maple Body
    Neck: 7pc Exhibition Grade AAAA Tiger Maple
    Headstock: AAAA Quilt To Match Top
    Fingerboard: Exhibition Grade AAA Flame Maple
    Fret Markers : Blue LED (Front & Side)
    Pickups: Dual EMG Humbuckers
    Bridge: Black Brass 3D Bridge
    Tuners: Black & Gold

    Bass is in excellent condition. Hardware was originally Chrome but has been upgraded to black & gold. Original chrome hardware will be included in the sale. I can only find one small ding on the lower, curved contour of the body of the bass. Neck is straight with low action and zero fret buzz anywhere on the neck. According to DB Goods, new cost on this bass would be well over $10K. Sale includes an SKB ISeries ATA Flight Case.

    Price is firm. Serious inquires only, please. I sold my other bass that I had for sale so I don’t “need” to sell this bass.

    Trade value is approx. $4500.00. I’m specifically looking for a trade for a 33” - 34” Scale 4-string Bass. Warwick Streamer, Marleaux, USA Spector NS-4 or NS-2, Alembic, Warrior, Roscoe Century Signature, etc.,. Preference given to models listed above with maple or Ebony fretboards.

    This bass was previously built for and owned by Andy Irvine. You can check out a video of Andy providing a demo of the bass below!

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    This was owned by Andy Irvine.
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    Thanks for the info! Good to know! Found the video of him doing a demo with it!

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    Good LORD is this nice.
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