SOLD Warwick Pro Corvette 6 bubinga (German) + aguilar DCB + case

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    A great German build Warwick Corvette Bubinga $$ (double humbucker) 6 strings with Aguilar DCB pickups (original MECs included) and hardcase.

    - Bubinga body
    - Ovankgol neck
    - Wenge fretboard
    - Recently Pleck'd frets
    - Aguilar DC pickups (includes the original MEC pickups)
    - Warwick 2 band active EQ with active/passive push pull.
    - Warwick Hardcase Rockbag included
    - Two warwick body treatment wax included
    - Original trussrod tool included

    The bass is currently loaded with Aguilar DCB pickups, which sounds amazing. Nevertheless, the original MEC pickups are also included.
    The bass is from 2000, but is in great co dition. It has it's few wrinkles and age marks on the headstock, near the jack and on the back of the body (as shown on the pictures). One of the tuning machines has been changed (High C - see picture) for a newer warwick tunning machine - I am including 2 more completely new Warwick tuning machines in the package. Apart from these cosmetic things, the bass plays amazingly, the frets were pleck'd recently, so the action is low and without any fret buzz.

    An amazing bass, with amazing sound and amazing playability!! New price for this bass without case and without Aguilar pickups is around 1600€, this one is a bargain!
    Price is negotiable, buyer pays shipping (around 60e for anywhere in Europe)

    (Shipping only within EU due to CITES regulation)

    20190516_233826.jpg 20190407_132311-1008x756.jpg 20190407_132233-1008x756.jpg 20190407_132335-756x1008.jpg 20190407_131706-1008x756.jpg 20190407_223634-1008x797.jpg 20190407_132155-756x1008.jpg 20190407_132452-756x1008.jpg 20190407_131139-756x1008.jpg 20190407_132416-756x1008.jpg 20190407_132638-1008x756.jpg 20190407_132510-756x1008.jpg 20190407_131451-756x1008.jpg

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