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Warwick: Streamer vs. Corvette, Rockbass vs TeamBuilt

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Rich Hamel, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Hello all,

    Just joined TalkBass this evening. Looking forward to the conversation. I'm in the market for a new bass (love my 1982 Rick 2001, but it <is> 35 years old) and am interested in the Warwick brand after trying a Rockbass Corvette out over the weekend. Question: what's the difference in feel between a Streamer and a Corvette, and how much of a difference in quality is there between the TeamBuilts and Rockbass? I may have a decision between a new Rockbass Corvette or a used older ProSeries German Built Corvette for roughly the same cost.

    Any thoughts welcome.

  2. Resonance129


    Feb 15, 2011
    Welcome to TalkBass :thumbsup:

    I'm certainly no expert on ANY bass, but I own a Rockbass Corvette (Basic) and a German-built Streamer LX.
    I've played a few different variants of the Corvette (RB and German) in different stores, and maybe one or 2 RB Streamers (ever seen a German Streamer in a big box store).

    The quality difference between RB and German, IMO, is pretty stark.

    While the Rockbass series provides PLENTY of bass, whether for home recording or gigging, you can definitely feel and hear the difference. The German-built Warwicks are expensive, but if you know you like the sound and have the cash for one, they're worth it. I couldn't give you specs, but the woods tend to be more dense, the frets smoother, the electronics much more powerful and robust. Attention to detail is impressive. Long story short - You get what you pay for.

    As far as Streamer vs Corvette, I prefer the Streamer myself. Mainly for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the curved body and its weight distribution. It almost literally hugs you and feels really comfortable on a strap. My Streamer is the heaviest bass I own (just under 11lb), but is also the most comfortable on a well-made strap, even for longer periods. That said, the Corvette body shape is great too. I experience more neck dive with Corvettes, but there are way too many variables involved to say one is "better or worse" than the other.

    In your situation, if the 2 basses are similarly priced and the German-built one is truly in good condition, I'd go with the used German one. From what I've seen and experienced, they tend to hold up really well over time, retain their resale value, come in cooler colors/configurations, and always deliver "the sound".

    Just my $0.02. Hope that helped. Either way, keep us posted on what you end up deciding, and be sure to post pics when it arrives :cool:
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  3. Resonance129


    Feb 15, 2011
  4. Thanks for the info, I added myself to the Warwick Club thread. But yes, the comparative I'm looking at for the moment is a new Rockbass Corvette vs. a used Pro Series Standard Corvette, within about $100 of each other.

    Here's a follow up: I'm in the rock/alt. rock/alt. country genre mostly with the occasional dabble into hard rock. Would folks consider the Corvette or the Streamer more appropriate in that genre? I've had the opportunity to try a Rockbass Corvette in a local store and really liked it but have not yet located a Streamer at a store near by.

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. JMTCW - I play a 2008 German Corvette 5-string with double ($$) humbuckers, either active or passive, in a praise band every week, playing modern praise and a little country/bluegrass gospel. I use flats and it fits in the mix very well. You will need rounds for what you want to play, but the German Corvette is very versatile. Mine has a Wenge fingerboard, Ovangkol neck, and an Ash body. I bought mine here on TB used for $1,000. A new Rockbass Corvette would be in that price range so used German is the way to go.
    In case you're wondering - TB is a very good place to buy/sell gear. I've been trading up for the past 5 years, buying a larger/better amp or bass, then selling the old ones to recoup some of the money. I currently have a very nice rig of speaker cab, amp, and bass and it's not been money spent all at once.
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