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SOLD Washburn Status bass (headless)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by iamlowsound, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Up for sale here is my 1989 or 90 washburn status bass. It is fully made by washburn in the US back when they were still producing amazing instruments. Before they started putting their name on a bunch of crappy imports. It has a maple neck through (I think it is a three piece, but not 100% on this), walnut body wings, and either an ebony or ebonal fretboard. I really think that it is ebony, but I have heard several people say that it is ebonal, so it might be. Whatever it is, it has some sort of coating on it, like you would see on a maple fretboard. All the hardware, pickups and electronics are made by Status. They are NOT licensed by status, they are status.

    This is a fantastic bass. Workmanship is top notch, and there is not a single flaw in the finish of the bass. Impressive for a 18-19 year old bass. It is missing the truss rod cover and one of the strap pins at the bridge, these came with one on either side of the bridge. I know I have the second strap button somewhere, but I cannot find it, but I will look for it before I ship it. It has some surface swirls, but those could probably be buffed out. It sounds like a real status!

    I am looking for $500 plus shipping, I will sell to North America only. Buyer is responsible for any and all customs/import fees, but these are not very much. Trades have to be five or six string basses. I will ship it pack very well in a gig bag.


  2. justBrian


    Apr 19, 2002
    Kansas City, MO
    Bump for a killer bass. :cool: Smokin' slap tones, full round tones, and super light. What's not to like. These are highly undervalued.
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  3. Jaymi

    Jaymi Pink Bass Man

    Feb 11, 2008
    Nashville, TN
    Endorsing Artist: Ampeg , GHS
    PM sent
  4. Looks like a status, plays like a status, sounds like a status and all for $500+ shipping. Serious about all that as well.

  5. RickC

    RickC Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2005
    are those GREEN STRINGS??? Oh my...

  6. Yes they are green strings and on hold for you pending payment.

  7. And sold to RickC.


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