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weekend forecast

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by 3 crotch grabs, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. do it!

    What to wear:
    What NOT to wear:
    What to foot:
    What to hat/hair:
    What to makeup:
    What to handbag:
    What to read:
    What to DVD:
    What to listen to:
    What to see:
    What to drink:
    Where to drink it:
    Music to make love to your old lady by:
    What to eat:
    Where to eat it:
    Event to be seen at:
    Current GAS:
    Secret Weapon:
    Color of the moment:
    Where to travel:
    Rodent of the week:
    Can't live without:

    What to wear: something sleek, something happening, something "now"
    What NOT to wear: underpants
    What to foot: probably something with a steel toe, just in case
    What to hat/hair: oh man... my mom gave me this handmade leather sherpa hat for christmas last year, i lost it a week later at the readymade magazine christmas party. i wish i still had that hat. it was hawt
    What to makeup: an alibi for the night of october 16, 1942
    What to handbag: ooh, this depends. if i go out for groceries, i'll take my big canvas sack. if i go play music, my gigbag... if i go to benjamin strange's house, a bag big enough to sneak his ashbory out in
    What to read: new issue of mother earth news, sunday paper, time, etc... i'm feeling very periodical right now. short attention span and what not
    What to DVD: antinajuat-the fast runner. or bullit staring steve mcqueen. something with a good chase scene.
    What to listen to: hell, i really don't know
    What to see: if there's another free concert at yerba buena. there probably is.
    What to drink: redonkulous amounts of port
    Where to drink it: on the roof of my building
    Music to make love to your old lady by: "music to make love to your old lady by" by lovage
    What to eat: sushi, and lots of it.
    Where to eat it: joe's sushi joint. right downstairs from my apartment
    Event to be seen at: union street faire. should be fun.
    Current GAS: a band, does that count?
    Secret Weapon: the secret of fire. i am the leader of my caveman tribe!
    Color of the moment: this one>>> :eek:
    Where to travel: somewhere by train. no car for me.
    Rodent of the week: giant robotic groundhog with laserbeam eyes!
    Can't live without: see rodent of the week
  2. Underpants is one of my favorite words of all time.

    How was "Liquorfest" last night?
  3. lots of fun. i've got a nice little painful reminder bouncing around in my skull.
  4. Atshen


    Mar 13, 2003
    Grim Cold Québec
    What to wear: Jeans and t-shirt
    What NOT to wear: Woman's underwear
    What to foot: My old old old running shoes
    What to hat/hair: Grease
    What to makeup: Lipstick around my... nevermind
    What to handbag: Slayer... Oops, I read "headbang"
    What to read: My bills :meh:
    What to DVD: I ain't got no DVD's
    What to listen to: James Taylor
    What to see: Hot chicks
    What to drink: Beer
    Where to drink it: My favorite watering hole
    Music to make love to your old lady by: I'm single, smarta$$ ;)
    What to eat: Lobster
    Where to eat it: My favorite watering hole
    Event to be seen at: A lobster dinner
    Current GAS: That girl :bawl:
    Secret Weapon: Farting
    Color of the moment: Black
    Where to travel: Across the street
    Rodent of the week: I killed 'em all
    Can't live without: That girl :bawl: