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Welcome from another bass nut from the U.K.

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by bobpalt, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Everybody.

    Greetings from sunny Gloucestershire!

    Like most of you, I am nuts about the bass, and obviously had GAS before I even knew what it was! I have probably owned over 100 basses, including Zons, Statuses (Statii?),half a dozen Pedullas, Overwaters, Simmons, Carruthers, Dingwall, Birdsong, PRS, Fenders, Moduluses, Rickys, Laklands, etc., etc., etc., I am a bit embarrased to list them, as no sooner do I buy one, then I see another I have to buy!
    I currently major with a Rapture, 62' P (Japanese) and a superb Afterburner, but this could change at any time. I am a sucker for birds eye maple fingerboards and Sims LEDs (the best thing since sliced bread).
    I play in a party band called Breeze!, and wig out at weddings and parties, being 52 years old . I only held a bass for the first time when I was 46. What a waste of ny formative years!
    Anyway, I hope to speak to some of you soon,all the best.
  2. I just (today) registered, I am in Baku working but originate from Liverpool, based in Aberdeen (confused). At 59 have been around the block a few times and still playing. The Pedulla's, I am looking at upgrading my Warwick Thumb (neck thro') to the Buzz how good are they and if tehy ar ethat good why did you change? Moby1Kinobe
  3. Hi.
    I still have, use and love 3 Pedullas, but have owned many more. I love the colours! I have a blue/green burst PentaBuzz, which is fabulous, far too good for me, but use a Thunderbolt and a Rapture all the time. They really are in the Premier league.
    I did have a Thumb Bleached Blond once, but found the sound a bit "clanky", if you know what I mean? You wont regret getting a Pedulla.
  4. Thanks, I was sold on the Pedulla years ago for the looks alone, but found them difficult to come by as I live up in Aberdeen. Still I suppose I could travel when I get back to thet UK. Moby1Kinobe
  5. stevenhomz


    Feb 27, 2006
    Hi Im steve from Peterborough I picked up a bass for the first time 2 weeks ago Just after I payed for it. As you seem a knowagable bloke on this subject do you have any advice on learning like how often to practice and for how long etc. And whats the best thing to start off with. At the moment Im learnig scales. Any suggestion will be welcone cheers
  6. Hi Steve.
    I have never been called knowledgeable before!
    I probably know more about basses than I do about playing them, but I practice a little and often. I found that having lessons in the early days was best for me, and books with cds helped as well. You cant beat playing in a band though. I played my first gig about 3 days after picking up a bass for the first time, with a repertoire of 3 root notes. God knows what it sounded like, but the audience seemed to like it!

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