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What Amp Would Match This Bass????

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassistSVT, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. BassistSVT


    Nov 25, 2007
    I just bought a 1998 Fender Jazz Standard. Right now, I'm using a Fender SP-10 which isn't even a bass amp. It's a really crappy practice amp that isn't even fit for a guitar =P

    I want to get a new amp that will sound good matched with this bass. Any idea what amp will give me a good sound for Blink 182, Green Day, Rise Against and stuff like that? I'd be using it mostly in my bedroom and recording in a bandmate's basement so I need one that's not too loud for a 15x15 room but can be loud enough to play with a drumset and guitars and not blow.
  2. Eminor3rd

    Eminor3rd BLAAAAARRGGHH!!

    Feb 10, 2008
    Price range? Ashdown or Ampeg.
  3. dmm123


    Feb 23, 2008
    Hey, I play a Fender Jazz and depending on your price range, have a few suggestions! For 2 years, I used a Laney HCM160 bass amp - it was faultless and, although this particular model is discontinued, the new range of laney is equally as good. In terms of the amp itself, it is 160watts, powered through a 15" speaker. It gives a really versitile sound, which greatly compliments the jazz bass. At around £300, its a real bargain, and by the sounds of it, perfect for your setup.
    However, now I have started gigging at much bigger venues, i needed more power, and so went for a 500 Watt Ashdown combo. Again, the whole Ashdown range is really good stuff, and is highly reccommended - considerably more expensive though. The only issue with the ashdown, is that, with the Jazz bass, it seems to be lacking in midrange, which is a pretty fundamental part of the bass style of the type of music you play. Nevertheless, an ashdown combo with 2 10" speakers would solve this problem and would give a better sound quality to the laney (but is double the price).

    Overall, for the money and quality of sound, I would reccommend the Laney, as it is a cheap but top quality bass amp. This applies to the whole laney range, but the 160watt amp is a good balance, as the power is there if needed, and it copes with smaller venues with ease.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask me any questions.
    (in terms of the sound of the amp, checkout www.myspace.com/thesoundwavesgig, in which I am playing my ashdown)

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