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What to do in Austin?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Arnold, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Arnold

    Arnold Supporting Member

    Any bass suggestions or things to do? Thanks.
  2. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Have a burger at Casino el Camino.

  3. dee rob

    dee rob

    Feb 3, 2003
    austin, tx
    When are you coming, and how long will you be staying? That will help in terms of offering up suggestions.

  4. PSPookie


    Aug 13, 2006
    Ocoee, TN
    Also, how old are you, and are you single? IIRC, Austin has a great music scene and is the land of milk and honeys (lots of hot women who don't realize they're hot, or at least have the decorum to act like they don't know ;)).
  5. I was there a couple years ago. When I was in town, there were bands playing in pretty much every bar...and there were a lot of bars. If you're 21, you can find a lot of music.
  6. Arnold

    Arnold Supporting Member

    I just got here with my girlfriend. We're here through Sat on a break from tour and we're definitely past 21. Thanks so far!
  7. Ask about the famous BBQ place just outside of town. Just ask people for the really famous pit. I don't know the name but I saw it on man vs. food. Wish I would have known about it when I was touring through a couple of times. Looks amazing. Go see the bat bridge too.
  8. dee rob

    dee rob

    Feb 3, 2003
    austin, tx
    Well, if you're looking for bass suggestions Bass Emporium on Anderson Lane should be your first stop. Guitar Rez off Lamar will sometimes have some cool basses, but they generally have quite a few cool pedals.

    In terms of music venues, there's a ton, but some of the more famous ones are Antones, the Continental Club, the Saxon Pub and Stubbs....depending on your musical preference. In terms of night life, E 6th has bars virtually lining both sides of the street that generally cater to college kids. The bars/clubs on W 6th attract the 25-35ish crowd. You'll also find that most neighborhoods have one or two local "dive" bars, if you prefer that sort of thing...I know I do!

    I could go on and on, but this post is long enough already. Feel free to ask any specific questions. Oh yeah, I think the BBQ place mentioned earlier is Salt Lick.


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