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  1. Jebthebassist


    Dec 8, 2004
    I'm looking to buy a new amp, an ampeg. I'm unsure what one i want (it will be a head and a cab i know for sure) As for heads I've narrowed it down to the V-4Bh or the SVT-3Pro
    Now cabs, I've also came to the concluesion that i want either the SVT-410HLF or the PR-410HLF. Now for the low down on everything...

    I like the 3PRO because its a rack mount and i want to assemble a rack with a power condensor, tuner, effects, compressor. Also the power and flexibility it seems to have. As for the tube preamp, i really like but I'm unclear how much of a difference it makes(maybe someone could please clear it up and tell me what I should listen for)

    Now the V-4Bh, I havent played it but I understand its basically the same as the Classic which i have played. I really like the fact that its all tube. Even though its only a 100 watts but still, 100 watts is a lot, it will be plenty because pretty much every show I will most likely be mic'd. What i dont like is that its not rack mountable.

    Now cabs... (sorry this is so long but I know you guys can help and I've been researching for months and found that this is the place i need to go for help and oppinions :) )

    The SVT-410 is very nice, great lows and from what i remember playing with it, it had good highs aswell. The fact that its cheaper than the PR is nice too. But im unsure if it will get muddy at loud volumes and if ill lose clarity in my lows. But like the look of that cab... for what thats worth.

    The PR is such an incredible cab. The lows on it are amazing and it hits the mids and highs greatly too. I'm pretty sure that i wont lose my lows at loud volumes and my highs will still keep up with me. It also looks very reliable and sturdy.

    The music i play is hard to cadegorize, lots of diff styles but all are very bass involved. I play slap a lot, and bass lines that are more involved than normal.

    Now for your part in this mess...
    I would like comments on each piece of equipment and what would work best together and what wouldnt. Also for all of you who are owners of these fine pieces of work i would like your thoughts on them and any suggestions.

    I just got in a car accident too... I want to buy the rig that I will be happy with forever but I dont want to go balls out and spend everything. Cause yeah will need a new car soon but anyways i love bass more.

    Thank you so much for reading this and any comments would be muchly appreciated. :)
  2. Save loads of time and money and pass on the Ampeg and get Ashdown ABM500 it will blow the Ampegs away and cost you less in the long run. I used to use SVT3 PRO and SVTCL classic both gone now and i use ABM500 . They also do a rack version if you like that type of thing.

    If you do go SVT3 PRO they are not aloud 450w amp more like a 300w amp, my old Mag300 (307w ) was as loud as my SVT3 PRO.

    Ashdown ABM can switch from Solid state for your clean funky stuff / slap etc and back to valve growl and warmth for rock stuff.

    Ampeg in my opinion are a bit "one" sound rock amps

    Good luck
  3. Ampeg cabs: try svt410 he with the svt15e excellent match.

    Dont get the svt610HLF far to boomy and the SVT410HLF will be too boomy as well for your style of music, they are ok for low metal and rock stuff.

    Ashdown ABM series cabs, again abm410 and ABM 115 good match and cost about the same
  4. Jebthebassist


    Dec 8, 2004
    hmmm, thats interesting. Thanks for your input but im afraid that i will most likely be getting ampeg because i will be getting a pretty nice deal on it. A new SVT-3pro for 799 and a PR-410HLF for 849. But still I do want to hear all of your suggestions and knowledge from experience. I've also looked at GK but only for a short bit, I think I didnt care too much for them but I dont know. I am impressed with David Eden though but thats more money than I will spend.
  5. Nuk3m


    Sep 18, 2004
    Down Under

    SVT classic. :hyper:
  6. I recently bought a 3Pro and SVT-410HLF. So far I've been very happy with the decision. I've been playing the setup live now for a couple months and have had great results. I haven't had problems w/ volume, but you do have to crank the 3Pro to get the volume out of the 410HLF. From what I've noticed the SVT-410HLF seems to be a very sturdy, well build cab. As far as tone, I've always LOVED and wanted the sound of Ampeg. I agree w/ the above statements about Ampegs being a bit one-dimensional. You just gotta love the sound. I've found that I never change the EQ on my 3Pro - just my tone knobs and playing position on my basses. If you love the Ampeg sound, go for it - if you don't you'll just end up getting one in the future!
  7. Jebthebassist


    Dec 8, 2004
    Woofenstein, what kind of music do you play? I figure I would be playing a variety of music. But i very much love to play slap. How does that head work for that? Can you shape your sound with it quite a bit and I too love the sound but I wonder how it will work for slap and etc. right now i have a hartke 140 watt combo amp with a 15" speaker. It's alright but def. isnt the same quality as my basses (spector euro-series and MM Stingray)

    Im also thinking about trying some GK amps. Theyre a bit cheaper and maybe i can do more with them? Just a thought right now but ampeg is still ahead. I think no matter what head i get i will probably end up getting the ampeg pr-410hlf cab... a crazy cab!
  8. Well, I play in a blues band. The setup works great for that, but I really haven't tried it with any other types of music. As for slap, the SVT-410HLF + 3Pro does not sound (to my ears) as if it's got the quientesential slap sound...you know - some setups just sound "right" for slap - I don't get that w/ the Ampeg. I used to own a GK 400RB-IV 210 combo, and it seemed to have more of a predisposition to slap. That being said I had EXTREME difficulty getting any warmth out of the GK amp. Bear in mind when I speak of slap that I am not a slap player, and I always play with the horn turned off on the HLF cab...but like I said earlier - some setups just sound "built for slap"...not the Ampeg setup I have :)
  9. Jebthebassist


    Dec 8, 2004
    I totally agree with you about some amps have the "right" setup for slap. What im looking for is the best all around amp, because i dont just confine myself to slap you see, i play a lot of styles. So i went to GC to check out some GK amps and i must say i was very impressed with the cabs. good cabs, but i dont think the heads are quite up to par yet. but the head did have a nice sound too it. I then played through the B4r and it had a very nice crisp sound too it. I enjoyed it a lot. So now im having an EVEN HARDER time to make up my mind with what bass amp i want to go with. I now have GK to factor in and to make matters worse... I really like this Eden head and 410 cab at my local guitar store.... I have no idea what to get and i need to decide soon :crying:
  10. Basspolizei

    Basspolizei Pseudo bass player/collector

    Jun 23, 2004
    Buy basses and lots of guns before it's too late! You have been warned.
    Head: SVT Classic (do this while the $ is there or you will forever regret it)

    Cab: Any Ampeg configuration

    Nice taste by the way! :smug:
  11. AMPEG: ROCK ROCK AND MORE ROCK its not an amp for slap, get a Hartke for cheap end slap.

    Ashdown will give you better choice of sounds, my classic head was a metal / Rock monster as was the SVT3 PRO Ampeg are great for rock thats why most of the US rock guys use them. But for a choice of sounds you will not be happy using Ampeg for slap bass , funky or modern bass sounds.

    Try also GK stuff as that is also better for your style.

    Sorry but ive been there spent loads of money on Ampeg and i am more happy with my Ashdown ABM500 as it gives me more musical choice.

    If you want drop d tuning grunt, growl and boom go for Ampeg

    If you want punch, clarity, warmth and zing go for Ashdown, Hartke or GK also old Trace Elliot would be better than Ampeg
  12. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!

    If you're REALLY into the Ampeg tone, you'd probably do best buy purchasing an SVP-CL, & then buying as much power amp as you can afford to drive it.

    That's something I'm VERY seriously considering.