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  1. So I have my P-Bass up one Craigslist to just feel around see what people are offering and such, and someone offers and '2000s musicman stingray with ohsc' I am greatly considering trading. I have asked for pictures/more information. I read that stingrays do have better resell ability than MIA Standard P-Basses (which is what mine is, 2004-2005 with a Bartolini pickup in the neck position) so I was simply wondering if you would do the trade? Obviously the pics/more information will seay my decision, but I've never played a stingray before (played an OLP that was better than expected, and a nIA Jazz as well) so I'm taking that into consideration...
  2. anyone?
  3. micgtr71


    Dec 4, 2012
    That's a difficult one. For me, I liked the tone and playability of the MM a bit more. The P is a great bass and it has a Bart which I have played as well. The neck alone would ause me to go with the MM, though.
  4. I've never played a Stingray (or any Musicman) before so idk what the neck is like, although the P-Bass' neck is a bit thicker than I'd like
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    3-band preamp, quality hard case, MM neck (similar to a jazz; uber comfortable), a pickup closer to the bridge, and a bass that looks way cooler... I'd trade in a heartbeat.
  6. I'd trade. Modded Ps sell for less than stock most of the time.
  7. Jeff K

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    Jul 9, 2005
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    Personally, I find the P's much more comfortable than a "normal", single-humbucker Stingray. Although I float my thumb when playing the higher strings, I anchor on the pickup when playing the E-string. If I'm playing a Jazz, I anchor on the neck pickup. On the MM, I find I don't like to anchor so close to the bridge.

    I'd probably like a Stingray HH a lot, although I've never played one. I'd say try it before you buy it to see if it feels comfortable to you. Other than that comfort factor, I do like the MM's a lot. Great basses, but I'm basically a P or J guy.
  8. +1.

    Some basses with a pickup farther towards the bridge I seem to steer away from. I dont like a thumbrest because I feel they are limiting. But a pickup in the right spot is a nice mechanic memory for me to find and anchor on. Especially between floating.
  9. Munjibunga

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    I had a Stingray 5. I'd characterize the neck as "club-like."
  10. DERB


    Jan 14, 2013
    JUMP ALL OVER THAT! besides the MM being a better bass imo, it probably has considerably higher blue book value than the P.
  11. Wallace320

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    Mar 19, 2012
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    Yet the closer to the bridge, the better

    My younger brother taught me like that

    He's fond of James Brown's Full Force and "black music" bass playin' in general so he taught me to play where strings are tighter and where you need, yeah... full force to finger them

    So I always play like that, even if I don't play black music at all (hard n'heavy stuff instead) and I love thunder much more than punch (but then there's equalizer and pedalboards) and on my Steve Harris West Ham Precision and Yamaha Attitudes I have to play centered 'cause no bridge pickup available there

    That all said... a Precision sits better in a band mix than a MM,
    and I experienced that that's why I own couple Precisions and Attitudes and no StingRays

    So my suggestion goes: pay attention to everything out there
    and keep your eyeballs wide open, but don't trade your P bass

  12. jlepre

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    Nov 12, 2007
    Parsippany, NJ
    I would disagree. The Stingray neck is closer to a Pbass feel. The STERLING has the thin JAZZ-like neck.

    I would make the trade, but I love EBMM basses. :)
  13. jlepre

    jlepre Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2007
    Parsippany, NJ
    Sorry, but I would disagree. Unless you mean the Pbass sits so well in the mix that it would get lost. The EBMM has a much more pronounced VOICE, and with the 3 band EQ, that bass would give ALOT more flexibility. JMHO
  14. Wallace320

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    It's a matter of:
    Can I dial in any kind of sound with a three band equalizer? I think almost yes
    Does this mean those sounds will cut thru no matter what other bandmates play? No it doesn't
    A Precision doesn't necessarily allow you to dial in any kind of sound yet it cuts thru every single other frequency in the hall

    I don't know why but it still is.

  15. niki z

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    I'd do it, but I love MM basses. Also, while the Sterling neck is more like a jazz, the Stingray neck is still noticeably smaller than a P. That's one of the reasons I sold mine. Play it and see what you think, MM basses are love/hate by allot of people.

    I also agree that the MM will have a higher resale value. If you decide you don't like it you can always resell and buy another P.

    What color is the Ray?