Wiring my Elrick for Series/Parallel...

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  1. I checked out the thread on wiring Jazz basses to series parallel and it helped a little but here's my specific situation:

    I have an Elrick Classic Singlecut which has two Bartolini humcancelling J pickups and the Bartolini 3-band pre with a switch for active/passive and a switch for a 3-way midrange frequency selection. Volume - Blend setup.

    What I want to do is change it so that the active/passive is a push/pull pot on the volume, and then turn the switch into a Series/Parallel switch. I'd like to do this myself to save money, I just need some detailed instructions on what exactly to connect where. I've got the soldering skills to do it just not the electronics knowledge :p

    I opened up the back and the current active/passive switch has 6 connection spots on it, which I think would work for the series/parallel right? If it helps, I can take pictures of the wiring as it is now...

    Thanks :)
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    it's tight to wire it that way in an elrick cavity. Rob usually cuts the pickup wires with not too much slack, so you'd probably be better keeping the current active/passive switch and making series / parallel on the volume switch.

    Apart from that, any of the series/parallel diagrams in the faq will work for you. Take a look at them, and let me know if you don't understand any of it.