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Wiring rack EQ

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by MichaelSC, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    I don't know, if this has been posten before (I do fear so, though) - but I can't really find anything about it in the archive :)hmm:), so I'll post this question anyway.

    I thinking of buying a rack-EQ in order to elliminate some of the feedback problems that come with amplifying an upright. Specifically, I am considering to buy the Behringer DEQ1024 (If you want to see it, it's here). But on the rear of it, it has 2 analog inputs, one right and one left, but no mono is noted, so should I just plug into one of the inputs (e.g. the left) and pan the sound to be only left (on the front - maybe a look at the linked page would be neccessary in order to understand what I'm trying to explain ;)). If I did that (pan the sound to the left) would that make any changes to my sound at all, as long as I only use the LEFT output too?

    If it makes any difference to you, I'm planning on getting the Behringer BX1200 combo as amp, since I've heard many great things about that little amp, and that it is good for the low price.

    By the way, where should I put the EQ, before or after the preamp - before I suppose, right? If I would use other effect, such as a volume pedal or a chorus (though It's unlikely, since I like my DB to sound rather dry and natural - but I'm also going to use my electric with this rig)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. After looking at the pic on the website, in the master section if you pan that all the way to the left it will operate in mono mode.
    I can never remember whether left or right is mono. I would go for left. As you say just make sure you use the left output.
    I used to put my large EQ in the FX loop of my amp, but have stopped, I was never sure if it made any difference. I would put it before the preamp.
  3. Hmm.. Okay, but won't the EQ then have a great disadvantage due to its low input impedance (at only 22kOhm), and thereby slaughter my sound. If I go directly from the upright (with piezo pick up) to the EQ?

    Is there something I could put between the PU and the very first thing in the chain to "normalize" the impedance?
    Edit: Other than a preamp, since I guess it's not good to have my effect-chain after the preamp. Should i utilize the FX loop and the put the rack EQ inthere too?
  4. If I were you I would wait to get & test the amp before buying the EQ. I have the BX1200 can run quite loud without any feedback (with a k&k bassmax pickup). The EQ on the amp is quite efficient with the associated shape button. I've had feedback with other amps even at lower levels (often BG amps with bad DB sound) but never with this one.

    Sylvain Clément
  5. Okay.. Thanks - I'll give it a try then.

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